Gina Loudon, Ph.D.

Coming from the unique perspective as media commentator, mental-health expert and homeschooling mom of five, Gina Loudon, Ph.D., today officially joins WND as a weekly exclusive columnist.

Credited as one of the “100 Founding Members” of the nationwide tea-party movement, Loudon hosts a daily radio program, “The Dr. Gina Show,” which focuses on living well and the psychological aspects of culture and politics.

“Gina Loudon will shake things up,” commented WND CEO Joseph Farah. “She says what she means and means what she says. WND is tapping into one of America’s precious human resources by publishing her work regularly. We have even bigger plans for the future.”

A regular voice in the media, Loudon has appeared on or been cited by the BBC, ABC, Vanity Fair, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times,, Time magazine, Fox News, Fox Business, The Hill, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and many others.

Loudon is founder of the Arizona BUYcott effort and originator of the field of Policology – the nexus of politics and psychology.

Dr. Loudon’s website describes her as a “conservative, bacon lover, warrior,” while fellow WND columnist Pat Boone applies to her the adjectives “lovely, forceful, accurate.”

The parents of five, one through the blessing of adoption, Gina and her husband, Sen. John Loudon (R-Mo. ret.), spent many years in the world of elected politics and lawmaking.

Besides Loudon’s weekly column, which will be feautered each Monday, Loudon will write occasional news stories for WND.

Gina Loudon and family.

Read Dr. Gina Loudon’s debut regular column for WND, “Mental health profession set to destroy U.S .”

Order Gina Loudon’s book “Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor” — how atheism, liberalism and radical feminism have harmed the nation.

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