(Washington Examiner) The president’s recently formed grass-roots campaign operation revealed Thursday that it plans to attack Republicans who question radical global warming hype, dubbing them “crazy” purveyors of “far-fetched conspiracy theories.”

In a fundraising memo from President Obama’s re-election campaign manager, Organizing for Action slammed “climate deniers” and their doubts, which Jim Messina compared to the nutty things a crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner.

After listing some of the arguments critics make against the president’s drive to use regulations and taxes to curb carbon dioxide emissions he believes are contributing to global warming, Messina wrote: “Sounds like things your crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner, right? You’d be wrong. These are all statements made by current elected officials in Congress, folks whose votes have the power to make an actual difference on this issue. These climate deniers need to be called out ?– and you’re the only ones who can do it.”

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