Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, used his Twitter account to comment on the IRS’ deliberate targeting and leaking information on tea parties and conservative organizations in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

Sen. Cruz tweeted: “Mr. President, if your #1 priority is fixing the problem, let’s abolish the IRS and ensure it NEVER happens again!”

President Obama aimed blame for the IRS scandal at the feet of Congress during his official statement to the nation on May 15th: “Congress, Democrats and Republicans, owe it to the American people to treat that authority with the responsibility it deserves and in a way that doesn’t smack of politics or partisan agendas.”

Immediately following the President’s remarks, Sen. Cruz issued this tweet that was then retweeted by thousands:

He later tweeted, “Biggest takeaway from IRSHearing: ‘I’ll have to get back with you’ apparently an acceptable response to IRS. Remember that on April 15th.”

The senator also reminded readers of the most profound implications of the IRS’ illegal activity:

Seton Motley, a consultant and the founder and president of Less Government, an organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment from governmental assault, and editor in chief of, added his “after-tax” two cents to the conversation: “These sorts of things are why my late, great grandfather called the IRS ‘the assassins’ – and wouldn’t let you call them anything else.”

So this is great news: IRS to hire thousands of new agents to enforce Obamacare.

All of which casts a sinister pall on this: Obama’s big idea: digital health records.

The better for Big Government to eat you with, my Dears. And will the Leviathan contain its overreach to the IRS? Of course not.

Motley reminds us of other Democrat administrations’ overreaches: “Like the Obama Administration shutting down bailed out car company dealerships based upon campaign contribution data. Like local governments in New York turning over for publication gun registration data. Like then-President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton’s illegally obtained 900 FBI files getting him out of an impeachment conviction.”

And now the IRS’ panoply of assaults. And does anyone seriously think that all of this is all there is?

Oh – and when the Leviathan isn’t taking our information, it’s using our coin to purchase it: Do you want the government buying your data from corporations?

You want reform? Reduce the size, scope and sphere of influence of government – and they won’t have the juice to do most of these sorts of things.

First lady of irony

It is comedy gold when America’s first lady, who presented the Oscar for Best Picture a few months ago from the White House and who, along with her late night talk show Slow Jam celebrity husband, hosts her own share of star-studded concerts at the People’s House, urged graduates at Bowie State University to reject media’s culture of celebrity worship.

The irony of Michelle Obama’s commencement remarks were noticed by observers who tweeted about it, pointing to the cozy relationship the first couple has with celebrities and Cuba-lovers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

You’ve got mail!

In what seems like a “no-brainer,” a study has shown that you’re not as efficient when interrupted by modern communications such as instant messenger at work. Well, duh …

But what is news, though: That same study shows your brain can adapt if it is prepared for the interruptions.

Research by Carnegie Mellon of 136 subjects has revealed that digital multitasking is making us dumber. But the good news? We may be able to retrain our gray matter to handle the info overload. Stay focused and find more info on this research here.


Twitter for Google Glass is now making it easy for Glass wearers to share photos to Twitter. The tweet will automatically include the text, “Just shared a photo #throughglass”, as you can see here.

Twitter blog notes, “If you have Glass and want to start using Twitter, simply go to and turn on Twitter.”

Strange things you find on the Internet …

Two men who doubted women’s claims that child-birthing is a painful proposition agreed to undergo a simulation of the big event. Here’s the fruit of their labor.

You’re fired!

Here’s yet another example of why we all should be mindful of what we put out there on the Internet. The repercussions could be “Chili-ing.” This mom decided to Facebook post some negative comments about her local police department, and it cost her her job.

Notable quotes

Referencing last week’s presidential rainy day Rose Garden presser during which Obama summoned a pair of Marines to hold umbrellas over him and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen: “They’re gonna look good next to us.”

“Glad you finally called in the Marines … shame it was just to hold your umbrella.” – Sarah Palin on Facebook

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