Hello, Mr. Joseph Farah.

Most the time when I’m watching news to get the story, I go to Fox News. Sometimes lately, I will go to The Blaze and really see what’s going on by what Glenn Beck is saying. He is beholden to neither political side, Just like WND.

The first place I turn to when getting on the Internet to see what is going on is Drudge, to look at the headlines – but then when I want to see what is really going on, I go straight to WND, which tells the truth like it is.

I’ve been reading WND since about 1999, and many a many times it is the only place to catch the truth.

I read the stories but always have to go to the commentary, for there is where the gold nuggets are.

Pat Boone, Erik Rush, Ellis Washington, Ann Coulter, Walter E Williams, Michael Savage, Joseph Farah, Colin Flaherty, etc. – the writers who are not afraid to expose what is really going on.

Thank you for the truth.

John in Helena, Mont.

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