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Tornado sweeping away Obama scandals?

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage tried to bring a sense of proportion to the media’s coverage of recent events (FREE audio): “There was a disastrous tornado in Oklahoma. Twenty-four people died. It’s a tragedy. But in context, it was a rather mild tornado. The media doesn’t want you to know that.

“The media,” Savage said, “is pushing ‘tornado mania’ to cover up Obama’s scandals.”

Some Americans are happy to see the stock market roaring back, but not Michael Savage. He slammed the Wall Street traders who are up to their old tricks again (FREE audio): “Everything that should have been done to them, to stop this wild, crazy, South American style stock trading, was not done.

“Obama promised to crack down on this kind of speculating and he hasn’t,” Savage continued. “The same people are still out there making paper fortunes from fiduciary instruments that don’t exist. They’re trading nothing but numbers in thin air.”

Rush Limbaugh

This week, Limbaugh’s observations about IRS official Lois Lerner generated some faux outrage, after he compared her to a dominatrix (FREE audio).

After Lerner “took the fifth” rather than testify, Limbaugh described her as a woman “obsessed with tea party groups” who’d demanded “to know what their prayers were.”

Rush continued: “I can see her with whips and chains. This is not a happy woman. This is a woman that is running around filled with rage. And they all are, folks. They’re angry all the time. They’re never satisfied. And no matter what they get, it’s never enough, they always want more. They exist in a permanent state of being enraged.”

Mark Levin

Levin told Breitbart News that Mitch McConnell is the individual who is most responsible for pushing the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill: “It is obvious McConnell has been orchestrating this from the shadows. From encouraging Marco Rubio to join this silly ‘gang’ to smoothing the way for a vote for this monstrous bill, McConnell’s pushing it. Make no mistake, the ruling class wants to ram this down our throats, and that includes the GOP so-called leaders.”

Levin also listed the many big government boondoggles that had passed thanks to inadequate Republican opposition.

“Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, bailouts, tax increases, debt ceiling increases, amnesty, and on and on,” Levin said via email. “Republicans either refuse to take effective steps to stop this collective disaster or flat out support it. They obviously like big government despite their protestations. It is infuriating.”

Aaron Klein

As the Benghazi hearings continue, investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein exposed more of Hillary Clinton’s evasions and deceitful responses, and raised new questions about her decision to send Ambassador Stevens into what she had to know was a particularly dangerous assignment.

Klein also continued his probe into the Spanish vote-counting company SCYTL, and raised concerns about their role in the upcoming mid-term elections (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

“Let me tell you – I am thinking of moving to Arizona,” Ingraham told listeners Wednesday.

“You know why?” she continued. “I will primary challenge Sen. Jeff Flake myself, if that’s what this requires.”

Ingraham was referring to Flake’s vote in favor of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, despite his public promise to vote against it.

“Should this be grounds to primary challenge every Republican who voted for this bill, and I mean every single one?” she continued. “I don’t care if they just got re-elected. Next time they’re up for re-election. Ann Coulter’s right. This is a single issue – this is a single-issue primary challenge. You know why? Because this is it. As Bill Kristol said on this show … you give this pathway to citizenship, all these benefits, all this discretion to [Janet] Napolitano, it’s over. It’s too late to complain about it. It’s over.” (FREE audio)

In another segment Ingraham noted that “mass immigration has completely swamped British culture” – a comment she made before the beheading of a soldier by Muslims in London on Tuesday.

Glenn Beck

Right after this week’s killer tornado struck Oklahoma, Glenn Beck put out a call on his radio show, asking for volunteers to assist those in need.

In short order, Beck’s team lead a caravan of trucks to Moore, Okla., that arrived the next morning. He actually received some criticism for doing this, but responded that he was simply being a good “American citizen.”

Beck also raised almost $500,000 in donations for needy Moore residents.