We the People are the stewards of America. The federal government is our servant, not our master. It seems the people must remind them of that constitutional fact.

In the spirit of Mahatma Ghandi, should we not declare every day “Voluntary Noncompliance Day” until 1) the rogue IRS recuses itself from the lives of all Americans, and 2) our Congress replaces the income tax with a fair tax (a form of sales tax).

After all, the IRS has long said the income tax is a voluntary system. On the flip side, the IRS says failure to voluntarily pay income taxes “due” (by their reckoning, not the filer’s) may result in fines and/or other penalties like asset forfeiture, wage/salary garnishment or even jail. Of course, what the IRS won’t say is that the agency is, from head to toe, an entrenched criminally rogue leftist hate group, a law unto themselves, determined to destroy any American persons or groups who oppose the liberty-crushing political, social and cultural ideology of the radical left. If a significant share of the top 165 million “tax units” voluntarily chose not to comply in any way with the “voluntary” tax system, there would not be enough prisons to house the voluntarists.

Mahatma Ghandi peacefully defanged the British Empire and won independence for India with such measures.


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