Americans now have proof positive the Obama administration is moving full speed ahead in changing the very foundation of our culture.

When Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country, he wasn’t kidding.

He and his cohorts in the liberal, progressive, socialist and, yes, Marxist wing of the Democratic Party are hell-bent on accomplishing their goal to bring the U.S. down.

The latest involves two family issues and the virtual eradication of parental rights.

Destroy parental rights and you destroy the family. Destroy the family and you destroy a society/culture/country.

That’s us.

Everything is under attack: the economy, business, the military, national security, borders, immigration, property rights, the environment, media, religion, education, medicine, NASA and more.

There are concerted efforts from the White House on through innumerable bureaucracies to belch out laws, executive orders, rules and regulations to change, undermine, weaken and in some cases, destroy their target.

As for families, it’s a full-court press.

First, the administration ignores the issue of what do we do with a baby that survives an abortion and what do we do to a person who then cuts its throat and saves body parts in jars.

Second, the administration redefines “woman” to mean a girl-child of 15, perhaps younger, and allows her to buy a powerful, pregnancy preventing/ending drug, over the counter, with no medical or parental notification or supervision.

It’s bizarre, but they’re related issues. Preventing pregnancy supersedes parental rights and safety for the female. But at the same time, abortion is facilitated at any stage of pregnancy even when it’s likely the unwanted baby can survive only to be killed.

Not long ago, no one outside of the abortion “community” even knew this happened.

We were told, with a straight face, abortion was done in the early weeks when it was just “a mass of tissue.”

But technology intervened and made it possible to see what the pregnancy (read that: baby) looked like and even determine sex.

People actually take pictures of their pre-born baby.

They’re the ones who want the child.

For those who don’t, there’s abortion. But as time passed, stories surfaced from hospitals where aborted babies were left to die and from abortion mills where children were routinely killed.

The media hate such news because it presents a negative side of abortion.

Liberals hate them, too, because they want nothing to stop any abortions.

But since the intent of abortion is to have a dead baby, the appearance of a living child does present a problem.

However, in the Brave New World of Barack, it’s easily handled. Just don’t help the child to live.

Remember, when he was in the Illinois Senate, Obama opposed bills that would have mandated medical care for abortion survivors or those totally outlawing late-term or “partial-birth” abortions – those are the ones where the head of the infant is allowed to emerge from the womb, the skull is crushed and the brain sucked out.

Voila! Successful abortion.

But a “botched abortion” is one where the child does survive. Non-treatment kills it, but so does snipping the infant’s spinal cord, cutting its throat then leaving it to die.

The charnel house of Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia is the poster child of such mayhem and murder. There’s a trial, with witnesses, testimony, photographs, body parts and dead bodies, including at least one adult woman.

But media virtually ignored the story until finally shamed into reporting it.

The man who is president plays “hands off” because, he says, a trial is ongoing.

Barack Obama will never say anything negative about abortion. He’s the same loving father who commented he wouldn’t want one of his children to be “punished”with a baby.

But while the trial continued, Obama spoke to and lauded Planned Parenthood for what the politically correct call a woman’s right to any and all health-care options, which means every female able to conceive has an unfettered right to have that child within her killed, on demand.

It’s “abortion” – a bizarre form of murder for hire.

Planned Parenthood does that millions of times and makes a fortune doing it.

Obama assured them they’ll continue to exist and ended his speech saying, “God bless you.”

He didn’t mention the dead babies and, knowing him, never will.

As for the little kids and the morning-after pill, Obama told the world he’s “OK with that.”

Really? “OK” with giving millions of little girls – children still, at the age of 15 even if they are having “sex” – the ability to purchase off the pharmacy shelf a drug combination that will have unknown effects on their bodies?

We’re told that if the pill is taken within certain hours after unprotected intercourse, pregnancy will not happen. But what if it does? Who’s responsible then? What if the “known side effects” are worse in some girls? What if the girl uses the pill several days in a row, or weeks or months?

If the girl is harmed physically or even mentally, how can a parent or physician help if they’re not informed?

Why does Obama think encouraging a 15-year-old to have sex is a good idea? Why is she old enough to self-abort yet not old enough to buy cigarettes or alcohol, or drive?

Does anyone really think no kids will buy a stock of the pills to hand out (or sell) to younger friends?

Look at this picture: sexualize kids early, keep it a secret from parents, provide the means to self-abort, and if that doesn’t work, hop on down to the local abortion clinic – it’s free and they keep secrets.

The only “winners” in all this provision of “health care for women” are the boys and men who will have their pick of an ever-younger crop of sexual victims.

But Obama is OK with that.

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