Michael Savage

In Washington, Dr. Savage noted, “We have morons running everything. Either that, or they’re traitors. I don’t know which.”

He was disgusted by the Obama administration’s decision to arm Syrian rebels who are allied with al-Qaida – the same terrorists who attacked America on 9/11. Savage called John McCain “a clueless fool” for backing the plan.

Savage looked back at his nearly 20 years on the air, and confessed that he was no longer as idealistic as he had been at the start. (FREE audio.)

“I thought we could save America from the liberal assault on our borders, language and culture. But our schools, our military and every other institution have been decimated.

“The Obama administration makes Joseph McCarthy look like an angel,” Savage said, “but because of the double standard, because of racial sensitivity, they’re getting away with it.” (FREE audio.)

Rush Limbaugh

Mark Steyn was filling in for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh on the same day Michelle Bachmann announced that she wouldn’t been seeking reelection.

“I was saddened by this for a couple of reasons,” Steyn said to listeners (FREE audio). “But the other thing I like about her is she took a ton of – she’s like a lot of successful Republican women – she took a ton of heat about everything, because there’s something about successful Republican women that so-called liberal feminists seem to absolutely loathe, and they hammered Michele Bachmann. She was portrayed as crazy.”

“At her best,” Steyn added, Bachmann “could have been America’s Mrs. Thatcher.”

Aaron Klein

Was assassinated U.S. ambassador Stevens a Muslim?

That was a question posed by ever-provocative Aaron Klein on his radio show this week. One of his guests, described as both a “Libyan government official” and a “close friend” of the murdered American, raised that surprising possibility (FREE audio.)

Klein also interviewed one of Britain’s most infamous Muslim extremists, to talk about the beheading of a young soldier in a London street. As well, Klein addressed the pros and cons of the drive to impeach President Obama, and spoke to Sen. Rand Paul about the many scandals currently swirling around the Executive branch.

Mark Levin

“Maybe Bob Dole couldn’t be nominated today,” Mark Levin mused this week, adding, “and perhaps that’s a good thing.”

Ordinary conservative Americans, Levin insisted, have a “much clearer view of what the hell is going on in this country” than Beltway politicians-for-life:

“The Republican party is filled with weak, scared, fearful men and women in Washington, D.C., who try to rationalize what they’re doing, which isn’t much of anything. And then lash out against people who are calling their attention to the perilous future that is being placed before us and demanding action.

“Not radical action, not right-wing action, none of that,” Levin added. “Action based on our founding principles, within our constitutional construct. That’s what we’re up against.”

Laura Ingraham

In an interview with Larry King, Ingraham insisted that she isn’t “anti-gay.”

“I’m a Roman Catholic,” she explained, “and I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That having [been] said, people should be able to get benefits, and respect. Everyone should be treated with dignity.”

Earlier in the week, Ingraham cautioned Tea Party conservatives against getting too cocky now that public opinion seemed to be swinging in their direction again.

She warned fellow conservatives against adopting the “kind of a victim status mentality” they mock when it manifests itself on the other side. Future electoral success is what matters, Ingraham said, and that can only be achieved by running sane, qualified candidates.

“You can’t have people making stupid comments about, you know, women and abortion,” Ingraham said.

Glenn Beck

Critics like to call Glenn Beck a “conspiracy theorist,” and he’s tired of wearing that label.

Beck pointed a finger at one-time Obama administration official Cass Sunstein, who once published a report advising the government to denounce its opponents as “conspiracy theorists” in order to discredit them.

The talk radio host insisted that he “doesn’t really care” about other people’s opinions about him and his ideas. “I’m not getting out of this with my name or reputation. That’s fine.”

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