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Why so surprised, Farah?

Dear Mr. Farah;

You ask a question at the end of your column: Is the 911 National Day of Prayer and Fasting political?

Only in the vivid, warped and distorted imaginations of people with their own political agenda.

I don’t believe that this is the complete answer to that question or the intent of the people involved in the attempted suppression of the event. I think the biggest reason people as so against it is simply because they are not believers and they have a guilt complex from that. They know deep down that they are wrong, and they have to make everyone else feel the same way to feed their egos and support their decisions. They know they are wrong, but they must disallow God in order for them to justify their behavior and to keep their fantasy alive that since God doesn’t exist, their behavior doesn’t matter, that they can do whatever they want and no one will punish them for it later.

They have their own gods: money, power, sex and drugs. They want to be able to do that without feeling guilty, and we remind them of their transgressions daily by accepting God in our hearts and minds. We knew what they are doing is wrong, but they can’t have us reminding them of it every day, so they try and make us live like them. To do that, they have to try and suppress GOD and our national feelings for him. Granted we have not always done the right thing by him or even our own feelings, but we accept that we are weak in that area and we try at least. They can’t have us reminding them of their little problem, so they try and suppress us. Anything that will remind them of God has to go, and that includes a National Day of Prayer. Did you really think they would not pitch a fit when you brought this idea out? They can’t have a national day of anything that reminds them of God, so they must try and stop it any way they can.

You of all people should have known what would happen if you brought this out in the open. You of all people that work with a news group that daily writes about their actions – and then you are surprised that they come out against you? How can that be? They are only doing what they do naturally and that is to kill any idea they can about anything that reminds them of God and his commandments. Really, are you really surprised at their actions? You shouldn’t be. After all, you see their actions every day and should know better.

Ed Broberg