Liberals, conservatives and libertarians, unite! Renounce both political parties. You have nothing to lose but a hellish Big Brother, career political criminals and the insider Washington War Machine. All ordinary American citizens are under siege by the federal behemoth. Unite to end tyranny or forever be slaves in 24/7 surveillance.

The tidiest first solution: Disqualify, not impeach, Obama from the office of president. Everything he signed gets invalidated including unconstitutional drone attacks. FISA and Patriot Act extensions, war funding, NDAA indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, a nightmare Obamacare and all his appointments such as Holder, Napolitano, Sebelius, Bernanke and the rest of them.

The rank and file of conservatives, liberals and libertarians are regular Americans who love their freedoms and dislike intrusive government bullies. We ordinary citizens can find amenable ways to accommodate our philosophical or lifestyle differences. However, no good will happen for us until we unite in rejecting the two-party mafia and demanding the eviction of the tyrants on top. Disqualifying Obama throws opens the door to the restoration of our freedoms if not our lives and releases the boot from the neck of America.

Otis R.

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