Well, Anthony Weiner is at the head of the Democratic rat pack for mayor. New Yorkers so hate their traditions and gentlemanly customs that they will go out of their way to elect a man who sexts his private parts to women, regardless of their age.

Whether Weiner wins or not, the fact that he is garnering 25 percent of the vote makes me want to move out of New York. I don’t want to live next to neighbors who support self-exposure and feel there is nothing wrong with flashing or sexting.

Flashing, even over the computer, is indecent. In the subways it is illegal.
Weiner is indecent and illegal by extension. Indecency undermines the necessary moral fabric of a fair society.

I would move except that I am 66 years old and don’t want to hunt bear or moose in Montana. I like New York. I just don’t like the political atmosphere. I’d rather just stay here and shield my eyes from an embarrassing jerk like Weiner.

David Lawrence

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