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Ambassador Stevens Benghazi diary revealed

(SOFREP) It’s become clear to us that Ambassador Stevens was someone who cared deeply about his work to promote American diplomacy in Libya. He was one of four heroes who perished on September 11th, 2012 in the Benghazi attack.

Stevens’ diary has never been made public, until now. It was first discovered and reported on, in brief, by CNN, but the news network soon caved in to outside pressure, most likely from President Obama’s staff, and ceased reporting on it all together.

When we received a copy of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Benghazi diary, the Editors of SOFREP made a conscious decision to post it because the professional journal has clear journalistic value and contains important information relating to a clear and intentional cover up. Our bias in all of this is to shed light on the truth with regards to the Benghazi attack.