Will the left ever deal honestly with the public?

Dave Johnson, in his article “IRS scandal a GOP set-up,” states, “It turns out the whole thing was a set-up from the start. Republicans told the inspector general to make it look like only conservative groups received scrutiny from the IRS, but all groups received the normal scrutiny. And no one was ‘targeted’ for ‘extra scrutiny.”

If this is true, someone is lying. According to Newsmax, based on a Washington Examiner article, Russell George, Treasury inspector general for tax administration, told Democratic Rep. Sandy Levin that only six liberal groups were scrutinized in comparison to 292 conservative groups. In his letter to Levin, George states that 100 percent of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status were scrutinized, while only 30 percent of liberal groups received scrutiny.

Johnson claims that due to the high volume of requests, some rules were put in place to bypass review of some groups, but conservative groups were never targeted. Even if this were true, which I don’t believe, the “rules” had to have been set so that liberals would get a bye while conservatives would have to undergo review. How else could you arrive at a 292 to 6 ratio?

My first question to Mr. Johnson would be, “If this is so, why did the IRS not just put this out to the public in the beginning instead of blaming it on rogue agents, and why was the head of the IRS sent packing?” My next question would be to ask Johnson if Russell George, an inspector general in the IRS, was lying to Levin when he gave him these statistics.

Johnson, like most liberals, is so devoted to “The One” that he can’t even see how illogical his argument is. In either case, it is a lose-lose situation for this administration. If Johnson is right, then the IRS is so inept they didn’t even check their own policies and instead blamed “rogue agents.” If Johnson is wrong, then we have yet another incident of the Obama administration using government agencies to hinder and hurt their political opponents. In either case, we the American people are the losers.

Russell Chambers

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