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Attorney suing Iran says leaders are 'crazy'

An attorney who is suing Iran on behalf of a woman whose brother was jailed, tortured and killed by the Islamists in the regime there for seeking democracy and freedom says those in power in what used to be Persia are just plain “crazy.”

“They believe their ordained right is to kill every Jew and Christian in the world,” Larry Klayman said during an interview with WND-TV about his case. “Not just in the Middle East but everywhere.”

Klayman, of Freedom Watch, is working on a case that seeks $387 million in damages from Iran for members of the Mohammadi family, including Manouchehr, Reza, Simin and Nasrin. Akbar Mohammadi was arrested over his pro-democracy protests, jailed for seven years, then tortured and killed, the suit establishes.

Klayman called Iran’s Islamist leaders a threat greater than Hitler, explaining they do not think in a rational way.

He said after being attacked in Iran, and losing Akbar, members came to the United States, and even faced death threats from Iranian agents on U.S. soil.

The attorney said Iran’s Islamists made an example of the Mohammadis, especially Akbar, because of their message. “They brutally destroyed their lives to send a message to other freedom fighters.”

In two earlier videos in the series, Akbar Mohammadi’s sister, Nasrin, explained how the Islamists running Iran are terrorists.

And she said there was disappointment in the U.S. administration of Barack Obama.

“We were expecting Mr. Obama to help the Iranian people. … but he hasn’t,” she said in the interview.

The case in which she is a plaintiff against Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is seeking in damages for human rights violations.

The claim recently was submitted by Klayman, of Freedom Watch, on behalf of members of the Mohammadi family, including Manouchehr, Reza, Simin and Nasrin.

“Iran is a state sponsor of terror that is performing acts of terrorism on citizens of its own country as well as the United States,” Klayman wrote in a Memorandum on Damages under the Alien Tort Claims Act, the Torture Victim Protection Act and the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

He said, “The systematic imprisonment, torture, and extrajudicial killings being performed deserve nothing but the most extreme monetary punishment. Because the aware of punitive damages comes from multiple plaintiffs with multiple causes of action an amount of $300 million is appropriate in this instance… The amount is enough to punish the defendants, who continue to imprison, torture, and murder their own citizens and others who they oppose to this day.”

Klayman broke down the claim as $45 million for economic damages, $27 million for pain and suffering, “solatium damages,” which are mental anguish damages, of $15 million, and the $300 million in punitive damages.

“This amount is nothing but a drop in the bucket for the world’s second largest producer of oil and world’s most prolific and dangerous designated terrorist state,” Klayman noted.

He explained, “In cases such as this, the [court] analysis typically results in punitive damages in an amount three times Iran’s annual expenditure on terrorism, or $300,000,000.”

There was testimony submitted just weeks ago on the damages, since the defendants already are in default, having failed to respond to the court action.

The complaint charged Ahmadinejad, the nation’s supreme leader, the Revolutionary Guard, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as a whole brutally tortured and murdered Akbar Mohammadi.

He was the first student leader to call for “regime change” in Iran as part of the so-called Green Revolution, Klayman said.

“Hopefully,” Klayman said, “this trial will serve to wake up Americans and others to the threat of Islamic Iran to the civilized world, in order to have them demand that our government finally support the Iranian freedom movement by abandoning the administration’s policy of appeasement, truly support Israel, and eliminate these neo-Nazi mullahs and their proxies, as the nation was forced to do with Adolf Hitler.”

Testimony in the case was sought from former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, Iran experts Michael Ledeen and Ken Timmerman, and former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes.

“President Obama and his administration, rather than supporting freedom fighters like the Mohammadis and working for regime change (which would also eliminate Iran’s nuclear threat), have turned a blind eye to these crimes against humanity and instead, like Neville Chamberlain with Hitler, have sought to appease the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now, justice will finally be done in an American courtroom,” Klayman said.

Klayman said he was motivated to launch the case after seeing the inhumanity of the Islamic regime in Iran.

He noted its official have threatened the world with a second Holocaust, and might already have the nuclear weapons with which to accomplish that.

In a second video, Klayman explains how American resources that could be used against the Iranian regime are simply silent.

He also explains the benefits of regime change there, including a sudden drop in support for terrorists and the installation of a rational government, which no longer would be “willing to go down the drain to further ‘the will of Allah.'”