(Sunday Nation) “How long married?” I asked Robin, having arrived at the point of eliciting his family history. He was seated across my desk with his wife, who was also carefully listening to the details of his illness, which he was giving.

“Six years,” replied Robin.

“Any children?” I inquired.

“First one on the way,” Robin replied with the pride of a first time father to be, glowing on his face.

Seeking further elaboration, I asked. “Is your wife pregnant?”

“Yes she is,” Robin replied and formally introduced her to me. “This is Janet,” he said.

Since I did not see any overt signs of pregnancy, I asked her: “How many months?”

“Just two months,” Janet blushed as most women do while announcing their first experience of child bearing.
“Congratulations,” I said instinctively. Delving into Robin’s medical history and mulling over his doctor’s letter and some laboratory reports he had brought with him, I wondered if my congratulations were in order.

The doctor’s letter said: “Robin came to see me a month ago feeling unwell.”

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