(Los Angeles Times) In more measured tones than he’d used Thursday to criticize a reporter who wrote about his wife, Alec Baldwin apologized Friday for the outburst in which he called the reporter a “toxic little queen,” threatened to hunt him down and mess him up, and suggested he would enjoy a foot up his rear.

The Daily Mail story, which was apparently wrong in its allegations that Hilaria Baldwin was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral, has since been taken down, as have Baldwin’s angry tweets. Baldwin in fact shut down his Twitter account entirely, not for the first time, and told Gothamist that he had no intention of returning to social media.

“Twitter began for me as a way to bypass the mainstream media and talk directly to my audience and say, ‘hey here’s a show I’m doing, here’s something I’m doing.’ But I realized it’s something I’m not really… it certainly isn’t worth the trouble,” he told the website.

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