Oops, sorry, that’s just my imagination running away with me again. I was imagining the outrage, 24/7 news headlines and wall-to-wall coverage by the New York Times, et al, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS of the butchery of the British soldier had the killing been done by a Baptist lunatic as opposed to two Muslim lunatics.

In a speech to the camera, one killer justified the deed because, “It was for retribution for the killing of Muslims by the infidel.” Except for Fox News, did the almost unimaginable horror of two men butchering another in broad open daylight on a busy thoroughfare in a major metropolitan city get more than a passing glance – kind of like a hit-and-run driver?

According to several reports (mostly on the Internet), the killers shouted allegiance to Allah and quotes from the Quran. One killer, to a camera covering the event, threatened, “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. You people will never be safe.” It just so happens that both were black men born in Britain who had converted to Islam.

Now imagine, if you will, the continuing calls today for the abolition of evangelism had these two blacks been born in America and been baptized Baptists.

Can’t you just hear, see, and imagine the calls to have all Christian, evangelistic-type meetings canceled, especially in black neighborhoods? People like Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, Pat Robertson, et al, would be castigated and held accountable for inciting violence. The Southern Baptists, amid hysterical demands for revocation of their tax-exempt status and cancellation of all evangelistic crusades, would be forced to issue “heartfelt apologies” and offer moral and, of course, financial aid to the families of the victim.

There would be calls for immediate and continuing in-depth investigations by the FBI and Homeland Security, not to mention the IRS, into the personal lives of all pastors and evangelists operating under the “guise” of religious liberty (guaranteed by the Constitution). Of course, there would be an immediate call for the revocation of the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment and an immediate demand for investigations by the IRS into the lives (including emails, Facebook and other social media) of all officers, pastors, deacons and donors to “religious” nonprofits, especially those that “evangelize.”

There would, of course, be some pressure on Episcopalians, Methodists and Lutherans but not as much as on the Baptists because they don’t “evangelize,” and they operate mostly in white, not minority, communities.

Talk shows and news programs would outdo one another in searching out other “radicals”  who are looking for “an opportunity to continue serving the Lord” (despite persecution or threats of tax-exempt status revocations). Liberal commentators and congresspersons (not congressmen) would appear on the talk shows demanding Congress immediately investigate all churches and religious organizations like the Salvation Army, Campus Crusade for Christ, Samaritan’s Purse and Compassion International. There would be insiders (identities hidden) testifying that the “real aim” of these “so-called charitable organizations was to convert people, especially minorities.”

There would be an even greater hue and cry regarding Bibles in public places. Principals’ offices, teachers’ desks, libraries and students’ lockers and backpacks would become targets for intense searches for hidden Bibles,

Hotels that allow Gideon-sponsored Bibles would be targets of “Freedom from the Bible” protest groups. These groups would, of course, be allowed to burn Bibles, picket hotels and target Gideon members, although violence against GMs (Gideon members) would be “understandable” and perpetrators would be given suspended sentences. Bible burning would be nationally televised and attended by all who feel persecuted by “Biblical condemnations” of their lifestyles.

It would suddenly be discovered, and become headline news, that many of the same people who read the Bible also support “the right to keep and bear arms,” oppose abortion clinics (ala Kermit Gosnell), and disagree with such “liberties” as same-sex marriage and organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association, adult men having sex with underage boys). There would be a demand for constitutional amendments and/or Supreme Court decisions supporting these “liberties” while curtailing the “freedoms of fanatics.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am still waiting to hear the shock, outrage, condemnation and demands for apologies from Muslim leadership by the mainstream media. I don’t seem to recall any requirements or demands for denials or apologies placed on Muslim organizations here or abroad. Where is the in-depth coverage and analysis of the statement made by a coldblooded murderer: “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. You people will never be safe.”

Considering that in the last 35 years, Muslims have killed 3,101 Americans on American soil in “terrorist attacks,” one might consider asking the American media to do a bit of research into same. But then, that would be “racist” and “Islamaphobic,” wouldn’t it?

Nah, let’s just stick to the Baptists.


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