Many boys grow up dreaming of becoming a superhero.

But Jeeves Urquhart isn’t just dreaming – with the help of WND-TV, he’s actually doing it.

WND-TV announces the launch of a new, reality-based, online TV series following Urquhart’s journey from “Zero to Superhero,” beginning June 17, 2013.

Produced by Molotov Mitchell, head of Illuminati Pictures, “Zero to Superhero” follows the travails of Urquhart, an overweight (341 pounds) and unremarkable 32-year-old, as he pursues his dream of becoming a real-life superhero.

“But this show isn’t just about a guy ‘dressing-up’ in costume,” explained Joseph Farah, co-founder and CEO of WND. “It’s about a group of specialists getting together and actually training and equipping a superhero-wannabe from the ground up.”

Led by Mitchell, the hand-picked specialists will take Jeeves through intense fitness training, drill into him new skills (like Krav Maga, the hand-to-hand combat technique used by Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency) and outfit him with cutting-edge tools.

“We’re going beyond comic books and caricatures,” Mitchell said. “We’ve never seen what actual superhero-making would look like. It will be incredible to watch Jeeves drop tons of weight. It will be amazing to see him learn incredible fighting skills and face his worst fears.”

You can see Jeeves on his incredible journey from “Zero to Superhero” online on, starting Monday, June 17, 2013!

“There’s never been a show like this. Ever,” Farah added. “We’re not actually sure how Jeeves will respond to this transformation.”

Will the hardcore, tactical training take its toll on Urquhart, physically and emotionally?

Join the rest of America and find out. See the trailer here:

When asked what’s next for Urquhart, Mitchell gave WND a sneak peek at what’s in store for the would-be superhero: “After he’s lost the weight, after he’s a proficient fighter, Jeeves plans to patrol the streets of Durham, reporting crime and assisting people in need.

“In the process of doing so, he could end up in a fight or worse,” Mitchell admitted. “What we’re teaching him now will dramatically increase his chances for success. And by ‘success,’ I don’t just mean fighting crime; ‘success’ also means losing enough weight to live a long life, something he wouldn’t have had without this training.”

Yet Urquhart didn’t start the program just to drop the pounds.

“Thankfully, we’re training for more than just plain old, vanilla fitness. If he wanted that, he could join a gym,” Mitchell said. “No, Jeeves doesn’t just want a six pack; he has a higher goal, and he’s getting there, one episode at a time.”

For WND-TV, “Zero to Superhero” is the beginning of higher goals as well.

George Escobar, WND’s vice president of film and television and an award-winning filmmaker in his own right, explains WND-TV is planning to launch several new online programs and hopes “Zero to Superhero” will become the kind of “breakout hit” that only serves to expand WND’s audience.

Discover WND-TV’s other hit programs already “on the air” with Molotov Mitchell and Illuminati Pictures’ “For the Record” and “News!News!” and watch “Zero to Superhero” online on, starting Monday, June 17, 2013!


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