The U.S. government has maintained a strategy for decades to replace the family, charges a Christian leader who was part of a seminal Supreme Court decision that led to the removal of prayer in public schools.

“The first major blow to the family was Social Security, the second Medicare and the third welfare, said William J. Murray, chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

“These programs drove grandma and grandpa out of the home and to Florida,” he said. “With the responsibility of parents out of the way, the ‘me generation’ was able to concentrate on material gain, and religion was simply in the way of pre-marital sex, divorce, alcohol, drug use and gambling.”

It was on Murray’s behalf that his mother, famed atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, filed a lawsuit claiming compulsory prayer and Bible reading in public schools is unconstitutional.

Murray tells his story in the book “My Life Without God.”

“Prayer in the schools 50 years ago had little to do with morality and a lot to do with authority,” he said. “The speaker of the House of Representatives, the second most powerful man in America, has the words ‘In God We Trust’ engraved over his chair in the House Chamber.

Murray said “In God We Trust” is “more than the national motto; it was meant to be the real source of authority for our government.”

“If rights come from God they cannot be taken away, but if they come from government, a simple majority vote can void those rights,” he explained. “Fifty years ago prayer and Bible reading represented the authority of God over the school, the teachers and the students. Bowing of heads in the morning for prayer was much more about surrendering to the authority of God than about learning ‘morals.'”

He said that as his mother fought to remove prayer from the public schools, he was attending an all boys school in downtown Baltimore, Md.

“The school was a magnet school before the term even existed and was intended to prepare young men for colleges, majoring in science and engineering. There were 1,800 young men in the school and there was not a cop in the building, ever. The doors were unlocked and often the un-air-conditioned rooms had open windows. There were no metal detectors, and students went in and out the doors on the honor system,” he said.

He told WND that it is time to stop pretending the 1960s were something they were not.

They had the “make love not war” drug culture of Timothy Leary and boastful homosexual elected officials in San Francisco, he said.

Along came the Murray v. Curlett case, which was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 17, 1963, 50 years ago.

He pointed to two other cases against Bible reading in school and the landmark abortion case,  Roe v. Wade.

“The logic in those cases continues today – the Living Constitution logic – this logic reduces our republic to the status of democracy, which is in fact mob rule,” he said.

Murray said of the situation today: “The final blow is Obamacare, which takes away even the responsibility of caring for children from families. The safety net is so broad the family is simply no longer needed.”

He lamented what might have been.

“Perhaps a couple minutes of Christian prayer or a reading from the Old Testament in the schools the last 50 years would have reached some people socially, made a few more responsible and saved some lost souls. But George W. Bush and Barack Obama have imported millions of Muslims whose mandated daily devotionals call for the death and destruction of Jews and other ‘infidels.’ A return to prayer in our schools [now] would include this ‘call to prayer,’ which President Barack Obama says is the “most beautiful” sound he has ever heard,” said Murray.

“Then of course there is the new Episcopal Book of Common Prayer in which God is genderless, and Methodist and Presbyterian preachers who call for homosexual marriage and the lowering of the age of consent,” he continued.

“The church in America today has dropped its Christ-mandated roll of caring for the widows, the orphaned, the sick and the poor. Today’s church helps those in need by helping them fill out the welfare forms. If you show up at a Baptist or Catholic hospital without insurance or money, don’t worry, they will send the bill to Barack Obama.

“Yes, I am very politically incorrect for those on both sides of the fence. The left will say I am ‘gay’-bashing and against the ‘progress’ of the sexual awareness of young boys and girls. The social conservative right will say I have abandoned prayer for our schools. Neither is true,” he said.

“I am simply being honest about the date the cultural war was lost. The drift to defeat did not begin in the 1960s with the removal of prayer from the schools; the cultural war was lost in the 1960s in the midst of bean chairs, lava lamps, cheap wine and marijuana smoke.”

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