Conservatives are often disappointed by the ineffectualness of their media and activists. For the last 32 years, they have been waging the never-ending retreat.

The number of conservative activists continues to grow, yet their ability to produce real solutions to core American problems has not improved.

Has conservatism just become another big business?

Every political defeat is an opportunity to raise money. Every national convention is a chance to grab to the spotlight and de-emphasize the grassroots.

Their news outlets care more about the salacious than they do about the substantive. They need advertisers for their publications. Meanwhile their political and cultural opponents are producing quality productions that stick in the mind of Americans without them even realizing it.

Even with national security, the conservatives look for opportunities to make themselves seem important. Every presidential war is an opportunity to pound their chests and decry how unmanly the left and libertarians are. Even Obama’s wars are not enough. Got to go to Syria, democracy and all that jazz.

When independents shy away from the conservatives and especially the neocons, it is because they have become walking caricatures of the very stereotypes the grassroots and the tea party struggle against every day.

Every election is the biggest in history, and the next donation will be the one to push us over the top – yet it never quite does. But a loss is a win if the job is to defeat the evil left.

The Beltway crowd is polluting the intellectual air of liberty.

Is it time for amateur leaders?

Is it time for Americans with real jobs to build new political networks? I think it is time for tea party 3.0.

It is time to crash the neoconservative, Bush faction, GOP political economy.

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