Michael Savage

Hearings are underway to investigate the alleged epidemic of sexual assaults in the United States armed forces. Dr. Savage calls this investigation, “One of the most depressing stories I have ever covered” (FREE audio).

He pointed out that, “The government is now spending more time on this garbage than on prosecuting Muslim Major Nidal Hasan who killed 13 and wounded 32 at Fort Hood.”

Speaking of murderous Muslims, Michael Savage also talked about the court appearance of the British Islamist who beheaded a soldier in broad daylight (FREE audio).

“What’s amazing about this Muslim murder,” Dr. Savage declared, “is that he was born into a Christian family in Nigeria and was a recent convert to Islam. That’s when he became a murderer.

“Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair – friend of Bill Clinton – is now saying Islam has a problem,” Savage continued. “Isn’t that brave of him to say – after he flooded England with Muslims?”

Rush Limbaugh

Sitting in for Rush this week, bestselling author Mark Steyn declared, “I’m not just sounding off when I say the IRS should be dissolved” (FREE audio).

Steyn added that no one in that agency should be able to, “simply to act as prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner, and … they’d like to take a lien on your house, or they’d like to freeze your savings.”

Limbaugh returned to the airwaves mid-week, but briefly “handed over the microphone” to a special guest; in honor of the 69th anniversary of D-Day, Rush broadcast Ronald Reagan’s unforgettable speech at a Normandy memorial commemoration (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein called upon Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to “resign in shame” after visiting with a Syrian rebel leader with links to al-Qaida (FREE audio).

He also revealed two possible new IRS scandals – one involving the president’s own brother and grandmother and the other revolving around reports of armed IRS agents threatening “right wing” activist groups.

This week, Aaron Klein’s special guest couldn’t be more different: former U.N. ambassador John Bolton (who talked about the latest developments in Russia and Syria) and the infamous British Muslim radical and terror apologist Anjem Choudary.

Mark Levin

Levin made the startling statement that his generation “has shredded the Constitution” (FREE audio).

After praising younger citizens, Mark Levin acknowledged, “It’s our generation, my generation, that has elected people from our generation, who create these massive yearly deficits and this ballooning debt that will destroy their futures.”

Speaking with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Mark Levin announced that America has “the elements of a police state here, and I’m not overstating it” (FREE audio).

He added: “You don’t throw a whole net on the entire country and everybody’s phone numbers and check the duration and see if you can come up with some overlaps. That’s not law enforcement. That’s not how national security works. I don’t care what the hell the Supreme Court said 30 years ago or what some judge said 15 minutes ago. This is America, and our government is collecting way too damn much data on we the private citizen.”

Laura Ingraham

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah came on Laura’s show to declare the Rubio immigration reform bill “nonsensical,” adding, “I cannot vote for it if it remains anywhere near the same condition that it stands right now. [It] is too long and it will legalize 11 million people in one fell swoop without making sure the border is secure first” (FREE audio).

Ingraham also talked to two American sports legends: tennis champion Jimmy Connors came on to discuss his revealing new memoir, and Joe Montana came on to raise awareness about the connection between football and arthritis.

Glenn Beck

It’s the battle of Beck vs. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow!

Beck was stung by Maddow’s equation of his show with Alex Jones’ “conspiracy theory” radio show (FREE audio).

Beck noted that, in fact, his program has, “debunked the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. We did an entire show on the Sandy Hook stuff. I received death threats because of the debunking of the Sandy Hook thing from the Alex Jones people. So to put us into this group is so ridiculous.”

Does Glenn Beck want to hire NFL quarterback Tim Tebow? (FREE audio).

Beck worries that unlike many former professional football players, Tebow may not be able to transition to broadcasting because the player’s devout public Christianity makes him “controversial” in the eyes of mainstream media moguls.

“Hopefully when he no longer has a job,” Beck added, “we’ll have enough money to be able to hire him to do sports for [TheBlaze.com] network. Seriously, who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn’t hire him.”

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