How can we secure our border with Mexico? The answer is simple: Secure the border!

We don’t need amnesty or work verification or bingo or pink elephants or anything else to secure the border. All we need is the will to do it.

The “comprehensive immigration reform bill” is an example of the oldest con game in Washington and goes on decade after decade. Our representatives tell us, “Give us what we want, and then we promise we will give you what you want. Trust us.” Somehow, it never quite works out for “we the people.”

How do you cut the bloated federal budget? Any reasonable person will tell you that you simply cut the budget!

That isn’t the way it works in Washington. First, they pass a massive new multi-year budget plan (that just coincidently gets rid of the current plan with limits that are just about to kick in). The new plan is not all that different from the old plan. It calls for a plethora of new spending in the first couple of years (to get everyone on board). The cuts come several years down the road but, surprise, surprise, before those cuts ever materialize, a new and “improved” budget plan is offered, and so it goes.

In the meantime, all this new spending has driven up the Current Services Baseline to the point where even the original cuts now are viewed as draconian.

How do you cut welfare spending? You simply cut welfare spending!

Anybody remember the welfare reform bill that was passed when Clinton was president that was hailed as such a success? The biggest problem with that bill is that it didn’t cut the welfare budget. There was something in there called “maintenance of effort.” Very simply, it means you have to keep spending what you are spending right now, forever – even if there is only one person left on the welfare rolls, or no one at all.

It didn’t take folks long to discover there were holes in that bill big enough to drive a Mack truck through. And the government keeps trolling for new welfare recipients so the welfare rolls keep getting larger and larger. A government bureaucracy is the closest thing to eternal life we have on this earth.

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government has the technology to track a flea on a dog’s back. It can tell you the color of the flea’s eyes and how much of the dog’s blood it ate for breakfast. Furthermore, if that flea used an ATM machine, made a phone call, went on Facebook or used a credit card, we know it.

Seriously, does anyone in their right mind think that the most powerful country in the world can’t secure its border?

We can debate the best way to do that or simply use everything at our disposal: technology, air surveillance and the fence. We can finish the one we started and build a couple more. Whatever the cost, it pales in comparison to granting amnesty to 10 million low-skilled illegals and leaving the border wide open, which is – don’t kid yourself – what this bill will do.

Let us not forget manpower. Pass a flat tax and get rid of 95 percent of the out-of-control IRS. Put all of those out-of-work IRS agents on the border (let them sweat a little for a change) and arm them with AK-47s, stun guns or whatever. Just put them to work doing something productive for a change.

Remember the amnesty bill of 1986? (Those who don’t learn from the mistakes of the past are sure to repeat them.) Our elected representatives can give you all kinds of reasons why that bill didn’t work. Some may be valid, and we can discuss those when it comes time to pass an amnesty bill, but this is not the time!

That bill didn’t work because we didn’t secure the border, and we never will with empty promises.

However, the real reason that bill didn’t work is that we allowed our elected representatives to fool us into accepting an empty promise. We are the problem!

Let’s be clear: Democrats want to legalize a hoard of new people because they think they can control them, and it will mean new votes. Republicans want cheap labor.

The message that should be sent to Washington is, “Secure the border first!” If you can’t get that done, we will send you home where you can get a real job, if you are able.

First things first!


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