The parolee with a penchant for burglary never stood a chance.

His first mistake was hopping a fence and prowling through the backyard of a house guarded by a snarling rottweiler and a gun-toting grandma hell-bent on defending her disabled 85-year-old World War II veteran husband.

In a 9-1-1 call, a breathless Jan Cooper, of Anaheim, Calif., told dispatchers an intruder was on the back porch and was trying to get in the house through a sliding door.

Cooper begged the dispatcher to send deputies and warned that she had a gun at the ready, as her dog barked in the background.

“Back up you son of a b—-! Back up! Get the hell out of here!” she can be heard yelling.

“I’m firing!” Cooper shouted to the dispatcher as a loud bang went off.

She blasted one shot from her .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver — missing the guy by just inches.

The stunned intruder apologized after the bullet whizzed past him, telling her, “I’m sorry, Ma’am. I’m leaving. Please don’t shoot.”

The suspect, Brandon Alexander Perez, 31, who lives at a halfway house nearby, was found cowering in the bushes when police arrived.

Perez has a rap sheet that includes other burglary and narcotics charges and was on parole, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Cooper’s gun, which she has owned for about 20 years, was legally purchased and properly registered, he said.

“Even though that dog was barking, he still was desperate to get in. So who knows what may have happened if she didn’t fire that round,” Amormino said.

Cooper said she is amazed by the anger in her voice — and the curse word she let fly — after she fired the shot.

“I am a Christian woman and I’m very proud of it and I don’t curse, but after I shot, rage took hold and I just blasted away,” she said. “And, in fact, afterward my husband said, ‘I’ve never heard you talk like that!'”

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