(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — The Treasury Department’s audit of the Internal Revenue Service’s 225 employee conferences that cost taxpayers nearly $50 million might not be accurate or include all of the IRS expenses because the agency that daily demands records from taxpayers didn’t supply all the receipts sought by the investigators.

In the new audit, which details lavish spending for presidential hotel suites, expensive speakers and exorbitant payments for trinkets including travel mugs and clocks, the Treasury inspector general’s office said that it couldn’t stand by some of the figures in the report because IRS officials didn’t provide documentation.

In reviewing a costly 2010 IRS conference in Anaheim, Calif., that sparked the IG’s probe, the report said, “While IRS management provided documentation showing the total final costs at $4.1 million, we could not obtain reasonable assurance that this amount represents a full and accurate accounting of the conference costs. The IRS was unable to provide documentation to support all costs associated with the conference.”

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