The species vanishing faster than a puddle of water in Death Valley are those who still trust our federal government in Washington. To listen to Russ Tice’s full 80-minute interview with the hosts of the “The Boiling Frogs Show” on June 19, 2013, is to find that the America we thought we knew is gone with the wind. In its place is a national surveillance state run out of the NSA (under the Obama administration) that can move the political chess pieces and influence decisions by judges and elected officials. Not a pleasant thought, if true.

Tice used to work for the NSA and, in 2005, blew the whistle on unconstitutional NSA surveillance under the Bush/Cheney administration. Ironically, according to Tice, even politicians who publicly defended NSA surveillance were among the government people (some of whom Tice names in the interview) being secretly wiretapped by NSA.

Tice alleges the heavily funded NSA is conducting “a national dragnet.” “They have everything on everybody all the time,” he said.

Tice also said the NSA has “ultimate power” and is “out of control.”

Is this still America?


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