Israel is closely monitoring the unrest that continues to rock Syria and is prepared for “every scenario,” declared Israel’s deputy defense minister, Danny Danon, in a radio interview today.

“We are prepared for every scenario,” replied Danon, when asked whether the Israeli home front was ready for the possibility of missiles or chemical attacks emanating from Syria.

Continued Danon: “The home front, unfortunately we have experience with those kinds of attacks, and we are ready for any scenario. And we are following very carefully what is happening today in Syria. We see the instability, and we know that it can spill over into Israel, as well.”

Danon was speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

Danon also had strong words for Russia amid reports it will sell the advanced S300 antiaircraft missile system to Syria.

“I would advise to every nation to think twice before supplying weapons to any force in Syria today,” he said when asked about the S300 deal.

Danon spoke as the insurgency in Syria continued to hit close to home for Israelis living in the north.

On Saturday, there were reports Russian journalists traveling with a Syrian army convoy were shelled by rebels 3 miles from the Golan Heights. In early June, rebels battled with Syrian forces along a key Israel-Syria border town patrolled by United Nations monitors.

Addressing a weekly cabinet meeting today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would not intervene in the Syrian conflict “as long as fire is not being directed at us.”

He hinted Israel could act, since, he said, U.N. forces could not be counted upon to protect the Jewish state.

“Only last week, we saw battles close to out border on the Golan Heights,” he said. “The crumbling of the U.N. force on the Golan Heights underscores the fact that Israel cannot depend on international forces for its security. They can be part of the arrangements. They cannot be the basic foundation of Israel’s security.”

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