(Daily Caller) Phillip Wiggins, 10, is an albino and a student at Allamanda Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

“He has no pigment in his skin and very little pigment in his eyes,” the boy’s mother, Lucille Wiggins, explained to a WPTV reporter.

Consequently, he must wear special sunscreen and special, thick glasses to help him see.

“I usually can’t see, like this way, this way,” the fourth-grader explains in an interview, pivoting his head from side to side. “In fact, I can barely see back there,” he adds, pointing to a wall perhaps four feet behind him.

This potentially important mitigating factor did not stop Allamanda Elementary’s assistant principal from suspending him after he refused to admit to taking pictures inside a bathroom on a school-related field trip.

There are two sides to this fracas.

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