If Obama lied to Michelle the way he’s lied to the American people, how long would she stand for it?

Not as long as we have, I suspect.

This country is in the midst of crises that Americans have not experienced since World War II and because of our inexperience dealing with political liars, we’re like lambs at the slaughter.

Barack Obama said he would do it and he has – and what’s most disconcerting is that he isn’t finished.

Barack Obama said his election would “fundamentally transform” this country, and naïve Americans thought he was being benevolently benign – that he would oversee changes that would make things better for Americans.

These were the people who wanted an easier life, less competition, smooth passage through school, less hard work in their jobs, more government support and assistance wherever and whenever they deemed it was wanted, medical care and ultimately, full and protected retirement.

In other words, they wanted government-provided goodies, and the man from Chicago got the script down pat, made the promises and got elected – twice.

That gave him the power that he has wielded into his second term in office and, like it or not, the country has changed.

The problem is that it’s only now that people are noticing exactly what’s been going on and what it means.

Americans finally realize that the election of Barack Obama was a deal with the devil and, at this point in time, the dark side is winning, and that has nothing to do with his skin color.

To put it simply, Americans see there really is no free lunch and that when “Uncle” hands out the goodies, there’s a price to pay – and it’s a pretty high price – one we may not want to pay, but it may already be too late for a dispute.

The first lure was health care. No doubt, it’s expensive. No doubt for many it’s difficult to get and keep insurance. No doubt, for the Santa in the Oval Office and the busy Democrat elves in Congress, it was a piece of cake. Promise the moon for little or no cost, and you’re a winner. Do it with a compliant and partisan media, and it’s a cinch.

It was – until now, as reality hits and the actual cost becomes clear and Americans realize that politicians, from the top on down, lied.

Gullible Americans believed and only now see the fundamental betrayal by the men and women they elected to office – in fact, elected to cushy positions, perks and pensions.

A classic example of the betrayal was Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who said last week she doesn’t remember ever saying that Obamacare would lower everyone’s premium.

The problem is she did say it, and so did other politicians in Obama’s pocket, but it’s simply not true.

But then again, millionaires that they are, Obama and Pelosi and others in Congress are not affected by any of this – only the “little people” are, and the little people don’t count. They only get to pay for this, often with their lives – as in the decision of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius in the case of organ transplants for children, that some people “will live and some people will die.”

Thanks, Kathleen.

How does she rationalize that when she goes to confession? We are, after all, told she’s a “good Catholic.” But if you’re part of the Obama gang, I’m not sure what that means.

Pelosi and Biden also claim to be good Catholics, yet both support abortion. Then again, the man in the Oval Office supports abortion, too. At the end of his speech to Planned Parenthood, he asked God to bless that organization and its work.

For what – the wanton killing of tiny humans, or?

It’s all part of the fundamental transformation of our country, which means in reality, the fundamental transformation of our culture.

It means that the United States government has turned into a real life Big Brother – thank you George Orwell – and we’ve all become pawns in the hands of a massive government bureaucracy that seemingly operates without any oversight. It’s a bureaucracy that Congress has ignored and has chosen not to control.

We’ve had presidents embroiled in scandals but none in our memory like this man: Benghazi and deaths, the IRS abuses, the attacks on and  investigations of reporters, the all-out prying into the privacy of the American people – our finances, medical records, education, telephones, e-mails, Internet contacts and even the postal service.

No matter what we do, the Obama government has its thumb in our eye and wants to know what we said, when, where and why.

Did you ever envision the day that every piece of mail would be copied and tracked? My local post office told me that every piece of mail is scanned and photographed and parcels are X-rayed. Essentially, we have no privacy in what we mail.

Why is it their business?

Forgive me, I come from that segment of the American population that thought privacy was part of our rights as citizens.

Obama and his cohorts think that their intrusion into every aspect of our previously private lives is fair game – really?

I don’t think so, and they’d better realize that American citizens finally see what is, in fact, a massive theft of their freedoms. And they’re not happy.

It’s about time.

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