By the time you read this, it may already have been voted upon and settled, just waiting for the magic signature of the man in the Oval Office – or, in other words: “The Great Oz” gets what he wants again, and the people be damned.

The country, too.

It’s euphemistically called “immigration reform,” but in reality it’s a massive sell-out of the United States to Third World illegals who have taken advantage of our laxity, stupidity, liberal racial guilt and the death-wish of the Democratic Party to gain political power that it hopes will put them in office forever.

Did you notice when Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said that “we” – meaning the Republican Party – have to pass comprehensive immigration reform because that’s “the only way we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community”?

According to him, if the GOP supports the immigration bill, then all those Hispanics will be their friends and maybe – just maybe – a Republican might just get elected again.

Sorry, Lindsey, baby – I guess I missed that chapter in my study of history and the Constitution. Where does it say we have to pander to racial groups to have the republic function as intended?

And if I may – just what is a “Hispanic” anyway? Is it someone from Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, Puerto Rico, parts of the Caribbean, Cuba, or?

How do we categorize all those Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European illegals?

Or is a Hispanic just anyone who’s not a WASP?

For those who forgot that racist terminology, it means “white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.”

I guess that’s you, Lindsey, even if you have a thick, Southern accent on demand.

But those who came to this country through Ellis Island in the early days of the 20th century, those ominous “dark” Italians and others from Southern Europe, didn’t fit WASP society

Those people were discriminated against because they didn’t speak English. They looked “different,” sounded different and worshipped that “mysterious” religion headed by a pope in Rome.

I know what that’s about because I have people like that in my family. I remember them telling me what it was like, and believe me, it wasn’t nice.

But those people and millions of others who were “different” because of looks, language and religion came here anyway for a better life. They followed the rules when it wasn’t easy to get approved by the officials on Ellis Island.

Once here, they got no special government assistance. They made their way in the jungle that life can be, no matter who or what you are. In the process, they became Americans. Not hyphenated citizens, but people who became part of the country and lived to help make this country the power that it became on so many levels.

However, over the years, something changed. And, oh my, the descendants of those people and others today are changing the rules and, in the process, changing the very nature of our country.

On another level, in the quest over the years to eliminate religion from our culture, we have also moved to eliminate honestly and respect for law.

How else to explain the apparent acceptance by so many in government, the media, religion, academia and other groups to ignore the fact that an “illegal immigrant” is by definition someone who has deliberately ignored and broken our laws.

They have come into the country illegally, worked here, often using fake documentation of citizenship, taken advantage of our social welfare system and gaining food, housing, medical care, education, drivers licenses, jobs, unemployment funds and so much more.

By definition, they’re entitled to none of that.

Despite that, the elites in government today, threatened by the aggressiveness and demands of racist immigrant organizations, defend that outright theft of our resources – money that should be used for the people who are legal citizens who may be in need.

Despite that, those elite are not only willing, but anxious to forgive the fact that these people have broken our laws – whether they crossed the border illegally or overstayed their visas.

Not only will they forgive those illegalities, but they’re eager to reward them with the most precious gift a country can bestow on anyone: legal citizenship.

Don’t think it’s just the Republicans who have mush for brains on this issue.

The man who is president, speaking in the East Room of the White House to an immigration-friendly group, said clearly, Americans “owe” immigration reform to illegals with the promise of a pathway to citizenship.

We owe them?

Really, Barack? Really?

For what? What’s the tradeoff for the benefit of the country, or does it really just boil down to votes and hoping to ensure Democrats get full control of the country forever?

Oh, and a good dose of assuaging liberal guilt for all the things they believe this country has done to the detriment of illegals. What they might be thinking of, I have no idea.

It’s shameful – and in my opinion, treasonous – that so many elected politicians, from the president on down, want to sell us out.

I just heard Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., on the news say that the new law is a “pathway to satisfy the demands of the country.”

Wrong, Harry. Patriotic Americans do not want to reward illegals.

Patriotic Americans want the border sealed, illegal immigration stopped and those who get through returned to their country and employers punished for hiring them,

In other words, enforce the laws we already have.

We don’t need new ones that cheapen our citizenship and demean our country.

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