By now most are aware that Obama without invitation injected himself into the Trayvon Martin shooting, saying that if he had a son he would look like Martin. But there was another shooting that took place on March 2, 2008, about which not only did Obama fail to call the family, he did not give the matter the slightest regard.

It’s telling that Obama would compare the male progeny he never had to a drug-using street thug gangsta’ wannabe like Martin and completely ignore the brutal, cold-blooded murder of a young man who didn’t use drugs, wasn’t involved in gangs, carried a Spider-Man backpack and was eyeing scholarships to Rutgers and Stanford.

There’s something else that should make Americans of color sit up and question the actions of Obama, which is that he’s more pro-abortion than is Planned Parenthood.

Since the Supreme Court legalized the murder of unborn children vis-à-vis abortion (1973-present), nearly 19 million unborn black children have been murdered. Obama not only supports this mass murder of the unborn, but he has said that Planned Parenthood “does good work” and in a recent speech asked God to bless the organization. Depending on which numbers you ascribe to (the CDC set the number at 43.9 million in 2011), the total number of black Americans is 40-44 million. Put differently, Obama publicly champions the murdering of approximately 2.3 unborn black children for every one black child born.

And that is the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obama and blacks. Specific to that point, let’s go back to my opening paragraph. As I indicated, Obama personally interjected himself into what many, myself included, believe was a clear case of self-defense when George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin as Martin was reportedly slamming Zimmerman’s head into the ground.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. and Sr.

But in the case of Jamiel Shaw Jr., his only offense was being born black – an illegal-alien Mexican shot him to death because of the color of young Mr. Shaw’s skin. Not only has Obama ignored the murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr., but he has taken it upon himself to push amnesty for the millions of illegal-alien criminals in the country.

It is well-known by law enforcement agencies nationwide that the Mexican mafia and Mexican gangs are committed to ridding blacks from the areas they have usurped after making their illegal entry into America. And Obama seeks to reward these illegals with amnesty.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was minding his own business, walking from school to his home. He was only three blocks away when he telephoned his father to say, “Be right home dad, I’m right around the corner.”

Tragically, the fact is that Jamiel Shaw Jr. did not make it home. The fact is that the next time his father saw him, he was lying face down in a pool of his own blood just outside his home. The fact is that Pedro Espinoza, an illegal-alien Mexican career-criminal gunned down Jamiel Shaw Jr. strictly because he was black. The facts are that Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s mother, a U.S. Army soldier deployed in Iraq at the time, had to fly back alone on a flight that must have seemed like an eternity. She had survived combat in a foreign land, but her child was unable to survive the murderous rampage of illegal-alien savages in the town she and her family called home. And, Obama wants to reward these illegal aliens with amnesty.

Compounding the grief of losing their son, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are made to suffer more injury because Los Angeles is a “sanctuary city.” Simply put, such “sanctuary cities” are safe havens for illegal aliens in which they can commit heinous crimes and if they are arrested not be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. And, Obama fully supports abrogation of justice.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. is an innocent victim of yet another government-sponsored and government-approved machination for the extermination of blacks. And just as with Planned Parenthood, Obama’s actions unambiguously prove he endorses same.

Obama is willing to use a situation like that of Martin’s death as a means to foment racial antipathy toward whites. But there are no Al Sharptons, no Jesse Jacksons, no New Black Panther Party protests, no national press coverage, and NO OBAMA comments in the murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr.

The grotesque elephant in the middle of the room that goes practically unaddressed – unlike the fallacious allegations that George Zimmerman shot Martin because he black – in the case of Jamiel Shaw Jr.: He was murdered by a Mexican illegal alien specifically because he was black. And, Obama is silent.

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