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Willie Ware Jr., 67, reportedly has the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

But his grandson, seven-year-old Keyanu Cordona, is watering it now, waiting for his grandpa – his “hero” – to be released from the hospital.

According to a WOOD-TV report, Ware was watering the front yard in his Grand Rapids, Mich., neighborhood earlier this month, when a gunman came running around the corner, shooting at a passing car.

Right in the line of fire was Ware’s young grandson, riding a Spider-Man bicycle.

Ware’s wife, Catherine, told WOOD-TV what happened next.

“My neighbors say he picked up my grandson and got him out of the way,” Catherine said. “The bullet hit him, and he fell, right in the spot where my grandson was standing.”

“That makes him a hero,” Keyanu told the TV station, because, without his grandpa, “I could have got shot and dead.”

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“I didn’t see it, but I thought it was firecrackers, and he said, ‘Run,’ then a bullet shot, and he got shot and then he fell,” Keyanu said. “Then I came back to him and he had a hole in his pants. It was a bullet shot.”

The television station reports the bullet shattered a bone in Ware’s leg, sending him to the hospital. Though the family feared doctors would be forced to amputate, surgery was able to save the leg with a rod and some pins.

Police said they have yet to identify either the shooter or the intended targets.

For Keyanu, however, he’s just happy to still have his grandpa and his life.

“I thanked him,” Keyanu said. “I’m going to thank him all my life.”

Keyanu is beginning with a sprinkler – first on his grandpa’s front yard, then to the back, where Ware had planted tomatoes, green beans and green peppers.

“My grandpa couldn’t do it, so I had to,” Keyanu told the TV station.

And just in case his grandpa was watching the TV news from his hospital bed, Keyanu wanted to tell him: “I watered your grass, and I watered your plants in the back yard.”

Video of the WOOD-TV report can be seen below:

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