Customers in line at an Atlanta shoe store have made it clear they won’t tolerate anyone threatening their potential purchases of Lebron James shoes.

The evidence?

Police say members of the public lined up waiting to buy the $180 pieces of footwear shot and killed a suspect who apparently tried to rob them as they waited for the store’s opening.

Fox 5 in Atlanta reported the incident Saturday when about two or three dozen people camped out overnight at the Five Points store where the Nike shoes were to go on sale.

At around $180 a pair.

NIke Lebron X EXT shoes

The robber, who likely surmised that people lined up to buy expensive shoes would have cash on them, struck.

Witness Mohamed Elsaawi told the station, “A guy came in and pointed a gun.”

The witness said he also demanded money.

Then one of the men standing in line said, “Oh no, not today.”

He pulled out gun and pointed it. The would-be robber started running, someone else pulled out a gun, and this time he fired, according to the report.

The shots from the second person apparently killed the would-be robber, whose name was not immediately made available.

Police told the station that the customer appeared to have fired in self-defense and would not face any charges.

The shoes were the Nike Lebron X EXT, and according to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, a parking attendant had warned buyers outside the store, called Wish, that passersby had been hit by a pickpocket.

The shooter “really stood up for all of us,” Taylor White, a customer, told WSB. “And I salute him, to the homie that did that.”

The station reported that the people remained in line for the shoes.

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