(OpEdNews.com) — The time has come, Barack! Good-bye, farewell, so long, hej da, auf wiedersehen, ciao…..well, you get the point. I really wish that I could add Shalom to this list, but then Shalom has not been a big theme with you or your crew. So, here are only some of the many reasons why we have come to The Parting of the Ways — the most basic being your utter and shameful betrayal of nearly everything progressive you claimed to stand for when you ran for President, and won twice.

My Magic Moment of Truth came upon learning of those unmanned drone aircraft strikes which often killed, maimed, or wounded totally-innocent people in Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Yemen, or God knows where else around the world. As one of your supporters, both before and after the presidential elections, I had believed that you were a person of sound judgment, compassionate and caring about the effects of your decisions. As a supposed Constitutional scholar, you well understood the concept of due process, the rules of engagement, and the requirements of common decency and simple humanity. Obviously, I had been wrong in those beliefs about you — death by drone was fine with you, if it might enhance some bizarre view of what it takes to protect American national security. At that moment, I realized you were no longer the person who wrote, or believed in, The Audacity of Hope. The real Barack Obama was someone else entirely.

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