California school officials will use their part of a $37 million grant of taxpayer funds to teach school children how to promote Obamacare to their own families.

Los Angeles Unified School District, a district already in deep financial trouble, will use almost $1 million to meet its goal to trains teens “to be messengers to family members” about how to take advantage of taxpayer subsidized health care, known best as Obamacare.

According to the Heartlander Magazine, spokeswoman Sarah Soto-Taylor of Covered California, the state’s branch of the federal program, said the staff doesn’t question the goal.

“We have confidence that the model LA Unified brought to the table will be successful in reaching our target population, which included family members of students.,” she said.

WND reported recently LAUSD gave away free cars and iPads as attendance incentives. Now school officials will take time and money away from reading, writing and arithmetic to teach kids how to get more people enrolled in taxpayer subsidized Obamacare, specifically targeting their own families.

Gayle Pollard-Terry, LAUSD spokeswoman, said “teens are part of a ‘pilot’ program to test whether young people can be trained as messengers to deliver outreach and limited education to family and friends in and around their homes,” according to Heartlander Magazine’s Loren Heal.

Where will the rest of the $37 million go? The California Eagle Forum, San Diego chapter, charged the list of grant recipients “reads like an Obama donor list and they are using the kids.”

“This is the beginning of the Orwellian indoctrination for kids, and the next thing you know they will want feedback on what the kids say, and (be) recording the feedback of the parents, essentially making spies of kids reporting on their own families! This is un-American.”

Among those receiving part of the $37 million grant:

The revelations of IRS targeting of conservative groups, combined with the administration’s advocacy of Islam, the LGBT agenda, Planned Parenthood and other groups receiving grants through the exchanges, will likely prompt many questions. Who  gets the grants? One what basis? How they are executed? And, where will the accountability will lie?

While California is among the biggest spenders on education in the country, it ranks among the lowest on test scores. James E. De Jarnette, a California-based forensic psychoanalyst with more than 30 years of experience, said the grant project is out of focus for the cash-strapped California school districts.

“A curriculum agenda of reading, writing and arithmetic form the basis of any successful education. Unfortunately, many teachers are now beholden to corrupt union leaders who have an entirely different political agenda.”

There will be additional expenses to implement the goals, according to the grant award, such as staff to promote Obamacare by making phone calls to students’ homes. Also, staff time will be taken with in-class presentations, though it is still unclear whether it will be taught in a required class, such as a health class, or other programs outside of normal course work.

It is also unclear if the students can opt out of the course. The grant award says that there will be meetings funded by taxpayers to speak with staff eligible for Obamacare so they can take advantage of the taxpayer-covered healthcare, as well.

“It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed, when schools use children to manipulate parents, but this is nothing new,” said Lisa Payne Naeger, former school board director and home educator. “The problem is that the parents don’t know how to be parents, or good citizens. Children learn by example and the examples they are receiving are spineless parents who don’t know how to stand up to a public school system that has run amok and over stepped their boundaries, and on a larger scale, they don’t know how to stand up to their elected, who have also overstepped their boundaries.”

Student Audra Taylor added, “How unfair to steal valuable education time and dollars to promote a political agenda. No wonder California students are below average in math and science.”

And longtime educator and administrator Alice Delatorre added: “The Obamacare ‘Student to Parent Indoctrination Program’ is totally offensive and inappropriate. The concept smacks of brainwashing children and preparing the next generation for marching to a well orchestrated political tune. Hitler tried it with the youth of Germany and now Obama is trying it on our youth in the name of helping parents.”

She continued: “As a parent I would be enraged if my child’s school was wasting time preaching Obamacare. I would be the first to start a suit against the School System for going beyond the approved curriculum. Who will decide what parents need to be indoctrinated? Will it only be the recent immigrants? Will segregation play a part in the selection? Will the poor Mexicans and blacks be the target? Will the teacher’s unions allow this type of indoctrination to occur? Will bright-thinking students want to participate in such an indoctrination program? What will be the consequences if students refuse to participate? Will the door open to other types of indoctrination such as abortion, and same sex marriages?”

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