(Yahoo!News) Friday has been quite the busy day for Paula Deen … and not in a good way. First, she was a no-show for her “Today” show appearance, then she made an attempt at an apology for her past racist comments (and more) by posting a video to YouTube. As media outlets began picking up the video, in which she begged forgiveness from everyone from her children to her fans, it was suddenly taken down. But within an hour or so, a new apology video went up. And just as it did, other news broke: The Food Network is firing her.

All of the hubub stems from the recent release of her deposition statements for a discrimination lawsuit made by a former employee. In the deposition, Deen admits to having used the N-word, tolerating racist jokes, and mulling over a wedding in which all of the waiters would be black and dressed as slaves.

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