The Obama gang are dealers of the politics of punishment, which is the artillery of Saul Alinsky’s politics of destruction. Punish legal citizens, but overwhelm the nation with streams of illegal aliens. Punish taxpayers, but expand the dole to tens of millions of malingerers, indolents and leeches. Punish real producers, but grant billions in freebies and subsidies to cronies for ventures designed to fail. Punish present and future generations by flooding the economy with printed money, unpayable debt and unfunded liabilities. Punish free expression and free movement, and chill opposition with police-state paranoia. Punish the people with a government health-care takeover that raises costs, limits care and inserts a spying government into all things private and personal. Punish the middle class because the middle class is the lynch pin of a free republic, a stabilizer of individual and economic liberty.

Obama’s gang are the dealers of the politics of destruction that has poisoned the minds of half of America. Maybe the other half who still love freedom and despise tyranny should get up from the table and leave the game for good.

Sam Hoffman

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