Scott Pelley of CBS News

Scott Pelley, anchorman of the “CBS Evening News,” was reportedly ordered by his network to go to the nation’s capital last week to apologize to his broadcast colleagues for his alleged harsh treatment of them.

The New York Post reports “dissension over pugnacious Pelley’s brusque treatment of them ‘had been building up for a long time. Scott was ordered to go to the D.C. bureau on Thursday to offer an apology. It had gotten really bad in the past few weeks, and he was told by management to get his a– to D.C.'”

The paper had previously reported Pelley “blew his stack” at fellow CBS journalists when colleague John Miller’s scoop about the recent State Department sex scandal was first aired on “CBS This Morning” with Charlie Rose and Gayle King instead of Pelley’s evening news broadcast.

Pelley insisted he didn’t have a meltdown at the time, but the Post indicates he did get gruff when it sought reaction, telling the Post: “How long have you been a journalist? You wouldn’t last 10 seconds at CBS News. This is not how reporters do their job. You called my publicist but not me in my office?”

But the paper said when it called Pelley’s office about his trip to Washington, it was told all calls needed to go though a publicist.

Pelley’s representative indicated: “Scott is often in Washington, was a correspondent there for many years, and talks all the time with members of the team.”

A friend added, “Scott just went to D.C. to visit with the staff and speak to them.”

Earlier this month, Pelley also reportedly raised the anger of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly when he said ratings for news on broadcast outlets far exceed those on cable news.

Kelly responded by pointing out Fox News had more viewers than CBS News during the presidential debates as well as on Election Night.

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