I’m sick of having to select English when I make a phone call to an American utility or corporation or business.

I’m sick of dealing with clerks, service employees or other workers in American businesses or municipal or state offices who do not speak English at all or at least well enough to understand what I’m talking about.

I’m sick of our schools being impacted negatively by an influx of non-English speaking students who do not make an effort to learn the language as millions of immigrants have done for decades but instead have demanded (along with pro-immigrant groups) bilingual programs which leave them non-fluent in two languages, but which provide lots of jobs for teachers union members.

I’m sick of our medical, judicial and welfare programs being overwhelmed and over budget because of demands by immigrants who do not make immersion in American culture a priority.

I’m sick of being accused of being a racist because I’m sick of the negative impact of the massive group of people usually referred to as “immigrants” but who are, in reality, illegal aliens.

Don’t get nervous now. Let me clarify.

They are aliens because they’re in this country, the United States, but are citizens of another country.

They are illegal because they did not enter this country through our customs offices or through our immigration department. They do not have the paperwork that makes their presence in the United States LEGAL.

Therefore, people who entered this country by means that are not considered legal – for example jumping ship, arriving on shore from other private boats, running or walking across the Canadian or Mexican border, being driven across either of those borders, climbing over or tunneling under any of our border barriers or fences without contact with U.S. border authorities – are illegals.

OK, I know, I sound like I’m talking to second graders, but to make my point as simple as possible: What part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

What’s shocking and disappointing for the future of the country is that most of the people who don’t understand the distinction are not second graders.

They’re adults. And most dangerously, they’re elected politicians.

They’re the most dangerous because they’re attempting to make changes in our immigration laws that will radically affect this country socially and economically – changes that I believe we will not survive.

Yes, our immigration laws need modification, but before any changes are made we need to define the problems and we need to stop all immigration until they are addressed.

A main problem is that our legal immigration system is over-burdened, takes too long and costs immigrants too much money.

Another is our acceptance of refugees from countries with traditions and cultures radically different from ours.

These people, with help from the U.N., are moved into the U.S. but they have no desire to “become” American, don’t speak the language and often have no idea how to survive in our way of life.

They may eventually “become” American but it’s a long, and for us, expensive road to travel.

For example, as you read this, the president has plans to have us accept hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

But those are not the biggest issue, which is that we’ve accepted “illegal aliens” as an accepted part of our “immigration problem.”

Instead of taking the logical position we should stop people from crossing our borders illegally and do all we can to have illegals return to their home countries – we have given up.

And we have!

We’re told they’re here, more are coming and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We’re told we have to provide a way to citizenship for the illegals or, as the man who is president said in the White House last week, “we owe it” to them to “provide a pathway to citizenship.”

We “owe it”?

Would I be overstating my feelings by saying I’m sick of such nonsensical talk from elected politicians – whether it’s the president, the majority leader of the Senate, congressmen or the so-called “Gang of Eight” – a noxious sounding group of self-appointed experts who think they know what’s best for more than 300 million Americans?

In this case, there isn’t much difference between conservatives and liberals, Democrats or liberals or anything in between. All any of them are concerned about are votes in the next elections and jobs for their big business donors and lobbyists.

They don’t care about the effect on the economy and the loss of jobs for Americans – millions of whom are already out of work.

They don’t care about the effect on the towns and cities that will foot the bill for the millions who will overnight find themselves legal with all the perks and freebies.

They look us in the eye and talk about 11 million illegals when in reality they have no idea at all how many illegals are here now, how many cross the border daily (thousands) and how many will be here by the time they make the changes they hope to accomplish and how many will come in as family members join them.

They’ve been talking about 11 million for years now. Do they really believe that number hasn’t changed in all those years?

Do they think we’re stupid? Yes.

Remember, Barack Obama wants an immigration bill on his desk by July 4. Can’t you picture his weepy speech about our freedoms and our land of opportunity?

If he gets his way, we might just as well eliminate the border entirely, put the welcome mat out for everyone and just say, “Bye bye, United States.”

Oops, I’m sorry: “Adios, los Estados Unidos.”

Gracias, Obama.

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