While America flocks to theaters to see the blockbuster superhero film “Man of Steel,” one man is set on a mission to actually become a superhero.

Jeeves Urquhart is the star of “Zero to Superhero,” a new, reality-based, Internet television series debuting today from WND-TV.

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Produced by Molotov Mitchell, head of Illuminati Pictures, “Zero to Superhero” follows the travails of Urquhart, an overweight (341 pounds) and unremarkable 32-year-old, as he pursues his dream of becoming a real-life superhero.

Not just a guy donning a costume and mask, however – well-meaning folks have sprung up all over the country emulating the superheroes they’ve seen on the big screen. Many make headlines for getting beaten up, arrested or pepper sprayed by the people they’re trying to “rescue.”

“Zero to Superhero,” on the other hand, is more. It’s real.

“This show isn’t just about a guy ‘dressing-up’ in costume,” explained Joseph Farah, co-founder and CEO of WND. “It’s about a group of specialists getting together and actually training and equipping a superhero-wannabe from the ground up.”

“We’re going beyond comic books and caricatures,” Mitchell said. “We’ve never seen what actual superhero-making would look like. It will be incredible to watch Jeeves drop tons of weight. It will be amazing to see him learn incredible fighting skills and face his worst fears.”

“There’s never been a show like this. Ever,” Farah added. “We’re not actually sure how Jeeves will respond to this transformation.”

Urquhart himself explains in Episode 1 why he’s willing to endure relentless training, face his biggest fears and persevere through the pain.

“There’s only thing I’ve ever wanted to be,” Urquhart says, “and that’s … a superhero.

“All you have to do is look at the nightly news,” he continues. “Here in America, we’ve never been so lost as a culture. People are worried. They’re fearful for the future. They yearn for a real superhero. I aim to become one. And you’re coming with me!”

Mitchell told WND this wannabe-superhero has already displayed many of the traits he’s going to need.

“Jeeves is great to work with, so funny, so determined,” Mitchell said. “We knew, starting out, that Jeeves would have to be really dedicated to the program or the whole thing was going to fail. He had to have skin in the game. So when he said he’d be willing to relocate his family to come do this, we knew he was in for the long haul. And so far, he has not given up, not even for a second.”

Meet Jeeves Urquhart yourself in the following trailer:

Mitchell, who has been working with Urquhart since last October, including training him in the Israeli Mossad combat skills of Krav Maga, gave WND a sneak peek into what he’s seen so far and what’s in store for the would-be superhero.

“It’s amazing, watching Jeeves drop weight,” Mitchell said. “He’s doing above and beyond what we’d expected, thus far. But I’m especially excited about developing his suit, his costume, for crime-fighting. That will be incredible. Once we get him down to the weight we need, that’s when the epic suit-building shall commence!”

But Mitchell has an even higher goal in mind for “Zero to Superhero”: showing others through Urquhart’s transformation that they can make changes in their lives and communities as well.

“People have been extremely supportive, watching Jeeves undertake this journey. We’ve had many people join our schools just from seeing him in the show,” Mitchell told WND. “I’m hoping that more people choose to put down the pizza, turn off Jerry Springer and do something with their lives. Get in shape, if not for you, then for your loved ones! And do something for your community. Make a difference!

“If Jeeves can do it,” Mitchell said, “so can you.”

New installments of “Zero to Superhero” will appear every Monday on WND-TV, and each weekday, additional bonus materials on the show, superheroes in America and more will be added to the “Zero to Superhero” page.

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