I look around me and see a world that is upside-down.

Nothing makes sense.

Irrationality reigns supreme.

Every man does what’s right in his own eyes.

But you can’t believe your own eyes.

And a nation that emerged from a world just like this one more than 230 years ago has apparently decided it doesn’t like being different, set apart, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, consecrated to God or unique in limiting the power of government under the rule of law and will of the people.

What am I talking about?

Can anyone answer the following for me?

  • How is it that the leader of the executive branch of the federal government believes American citizens should be denied the right to purchase with their own money and own for their protection even many semi-automatic firearms, but he is using money confiscated from those citizens to arm with fully automatic weapons al-Qaida terrorists in their bid to overthrow the government of Syria and murder indiscriminately virtually any non-Sunni in their path?

  • How is it that the Senate of the United States is on the verge of passing a 1,000-page amnesty bill for illegal aliens in America without a single member ever having the opportunity to read the legislation or analyze the hundreds of references to other laws it cites?
  • How is it that it took 17 years for former crash investigators to urge the National Transportation Safety Board to reopen the review of what brought down TWA Flight 800 in a fireball in 1996, citing the very same evidence reported by this news organization back then and detailed in a book published by WND Books at the time?
  • If there is political asylum for Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on the National Security Agency’s widespread spying on American citizens, where is the political asylum for American citizens wishing to live free of such surveillance?
  • When the U.S. Supreme Court inevitably rules to redefine the meaning of marriage, does it actually mean that God was wrong when He defined it in Genesis?
  • Which government agents or officeholders have been punished thus far in the following scandals: Internal Revenue Service targeting of political enemies, the slaughter of Americans in Benghazi, the Justice Department’s violation of the First and Fourth Amendments in seizing the phone records of journalists, gun-running to the drug cartels in Fast and Furious?
  • How is it that despite no evidence of the predicted rise in temperature for over a decade, Barack Obama and others in government are still able to get away with calling the fraud of man-made, catastrophic climate change the greatest threat facing the world today without being mocked into worldwide derision?

I could go on.

These are just some random observations based on the headlines in the news this week.

We live in an age of active disinformation.

You can learn more about how that works in an absolutely riveting new book and companion documentary, both titled “Disinformation,” the lifelong work of Ion Pacepa, a heroic defector from the Soviet bloc.

It’s not about today’s absurd headlines – it’s the story of how they became today’s absurd headlines.

You will be amazed at what you learn.

Remember the infamous stories about black church bombings in the South that never took place? You’ll find out who planted those stories, how they were perpetrated and whose interests they served.

Remember the ugly stories about Pope Pius XII and how he was supposedly “Hitler’s pope”? “Disinformation” explains the tragic irony of why one of Hitler’s biggest foes was maliciously and fraudulently misportrayed as his friend and ally and why. Who benefited?

Why are Christian-bashing and anti-Semitism on the rise in the U.S. and around the world? You’ll find out it was spurred by an active campaign of deliberate disinformation and discover whose interests it continues to serve.

And very relevant to us today in the U.S., you will learn how the Soviet Union was transformed into the first intelligence dictatorship in the world – but perhaps not the last.

The biggest question you will have when you are through reading or viewing “Disinformation” will be: Why is the author of this book and the inspiration for this movie still forced to live in hiding in America while the beneficiaries of the crimes he exposes are somehow immune from prosecution?

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