(KDRV-TV) NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — The father of a girl with autism who was tased by an Oregon State Trooper is calling the action excessive. Oregon State Police say the action may have saved her life.

The 11-year-old girl was found naked, wandering along Interstate 5 in the early morning hours. She was spotted by a passing cab driver, who stopped and called 911. That man says he was there when the State Trooper tased the girl. Aram Hampson was not there when his daughter was tased, but says after hearing the witness account, he believes triggering a taser was too aggressive, “from his report, she warned my daughter twice, who doesn’t respond verbally at all, and then tased her.”

Hampson says — his daughter has a severe case of autism. He says she cannot carry on a conversation and she tends to run away from home often. “You can just tell you’re not dealing with a regular person who’s either on  drugs or anything else,” explained Hampson. “Physically (she) does not look  like an average 11-year-old. She’s kind of, you know, husky,” he added. Hampson believes this is why his pre-teen daughter was mistaken for a woman by authorities.

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