Klayman told WND he believed the outrage over the NSA spying scandal could help unite the country. WND asked him how the left and right could come together.



As WND reported, Strange and other parents of the SEALS who were killed believe their sons were targeted for retaliation and ambushed by the Taliban after Vice President Joe Biden revealed, and the administration then confirmed, that it was a SEAL Team VI unit that had killed Osama bin Laden just three months earlier.

Strange says his phone has been tapped ever since he began criticizing the administration.



WND mentioned the president assured us no one from the government is listening to the content of our phone calls unless a court has given permission.

However, WND reported a Democratic congressman who came out of a closed briefing last week said that's not true, any number of analysts at the NSA can obtain the content from any phone call or email if they choose to do so, without a court authorization.

WND asked Klayman if he believes that has happened in this case.



Strange told WND he strongly believes there is a cover up of his son's death that goes all the way to the top.


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