Dear Mr. Farah,

I had long thought that an “America Made Store” was a long overdue retail and website concept that somebody needed to get up and running. I had thought a funny name might be “Not Made in China,” but your name is better and more positive [“Here’s some good news, some hope”].

Quite frankly, I am extremely surprised Amazon has not figured out this pent-up demand by Americans to find American made products or has not tailored a “sort” function on their website for 50 percent or more American content or manufacturing.

Once you get rolling, they probably will attempt to embed an American made style shopping experience option for Americans – but being politically correct is almost an absolute that cannot be violated and patriotism an obsolete concept that is frowned upon by the elites; hence you might have this space all to yourself for quite some time, until the success cannot be ignored any longer, because if there is one principle that might ultimately trump political correctness, it will be profits.

Good luck in this endeavor, I will be watching it closely and believe millions of Americans will get excited by a business that is helping them find what they want that is made by Americans, and not just products that fatten the bonuses for top executives and profit margins of formerly American, transnational corporations that have forgotten where and who made their success possible.

Dave Taffi

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