Those of us who are on the left find all of this sudden concern for our privacy and civil liberties by you and others on the right very puzzling. All of the programs you good folks are condemning are the same programs that began (with great enthusiasm from Congress, I might add) under President Bush. You all said nothing negative at that time, since Mr. Cheney would regularly remind us that anyone who objected was unpatriotic. Republicans REPEATEDLY voted to re-authorize these aspects of the Patriot Act. And that includes some of the folks who are now complaining about it.

For Mr. Limbaugh to say that President Obama is a horrible person is understandable – Rush is a political talker and makes his living saying things like that. But it’s the height of hypocrisy for him to claim “leftists” want to “eliminate opposition.” Umm, Republicans regularly used brutal hardball tactics throughout the reign of Mr. Bush, and that can be documented – although your side framed such tactics with great approval back then. How come such actions as data collection (and in Mr. Bush’s case, unauthorized wiretaps) were praised as “keeping us safe” when President Bush did it, but demonized as a “coup” and a danger to all Americans when President Obama does the exact same thing?

Professor Donna L. Halper, Ph.D.

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