Re: “See what Facebook calls ‘spam’

While I applaud the band for its obvious patriotism and intent, I must point out the considerable musical errors within the rendition.

Music is based on pitch and note accuracy, as well as tempo and timing. A song that represents the national anthem of a country is not one that lends itself to renditions that do not conform to musical standards. Many will criticize me for my comments, but they’ll still need to admit my facts are correct!

When notes, timing and pitch are layered in any song, it no longer is the same song but a similar sounding song. I am a veteran of 32 years’ service and take this song very seriously.

I believe if the band were to do the song as it is written, it would be excellent. They are good musicians who just think something needs to be different; this is just not the music to change!

Phil Owens

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