WASHINGTON – With most Americans still overwhelmingly ranking the economy, unemployment and federal spending as their top concerns, there’s a new private effort to help them solve the problems Washington has been unable or unwilling to address.

“Joblessness and dysfunctional government go hand in hand,” said Joseph Farah, co-founder of WND and a new project called American Made Stores. “Washington hasn’t done a single thing to improve the economic climate in America in years. So it’s time for Americans to act collectively to help each other.”

That’s the concept behind American Made Stores, a partnership between WND and REKO, WND’s heralded online shopping fulfillment company – the one noted for its top-notch customer service at the WND Superstore.

Today it’s a website – soon the first brick-and-mortar store will open in Blue Springs, Mo., just outside Kansas City.

The company was founded with this mission: “To rebirth American manufacturing while educating Americans about the importance of a strong and vibrant U.S.-based manufacturing economy by offering a unique, convenient, cost-saving and fun shopping experience for those wishing to find American-made products in one place. By rewarding companies who employ Americans working in factories on American soil, you can direct your purchasing power in a way that will not only benefit you and your family, but stimulate a manufacturing renaissance that will benefit your descendants and your country.”

Farah said  it’s “a simple fact that American jobs requires American manufacturing.”

“”You can’t expect one without the other,” he said. “Government places no value on American manufacturing. In fact, it does everything in its power to hinder the creation of manufacturing jobs and to place roadblocks in the paths of companies that would like to make things and sell things in America. American Made Stores, however, is about empowering Americans to support American manufacturing and to keep and create jobs right here at home.”

In April, a Gallup survey showed the top four concerns of Americans were:

  • economy in general – 25 percent
  • unemployment/jobs – 19 percent
  • dissatisfaction with government – 16 percent
  • federal budget deficit/ federal debt – 13 percent

No other issue came close.

Not same-sex marriage, not climate change, not foreign crises. It truly still is “the economy, stupid.”

“These have been the same issues dominating the political concerns of Americans since 2008,” points out Farah. “Nothing has changed – except that the percentages have risen. It’s safe to conclude Washington is not going to stop doing business as usual, which means playing favorites in the marketplace, spending money it doesn’t have and ignoring the will of the people as well as the constitutional limits placed on its own power. So what can we do about it?”

Farah said government ineptitude and fraud actually provides an opportunity for Americans to take matters into their own hands.

“We all have limited financial resources we can use to support our families,” explains Farah. “But if enough Americans choose purposely to invest those precious dollars in the American economy rather than in cheap, foreign-made goods, it will make all the difference in the world.”

Terry Reed, one of the principals of American Made Stores, said he and his colleagues “believe the success of this business can dispel some of the ugly myths that have developed over the decades about American manufacturing.”

“It’s just not true that Americans can’t make quality products at reasonable prices,” he said. “It’s also not true that American manufacturing is no longer important to the country. In fact, it’s a matter of vital national security.”

American Made Stores will provide an opportunity to honor companies that have remained or are returning to U.S.-based manufacturing. It will be a destination to showcase American ingenuity by displaying new patents and products. It will serve as a launch platform for American start-up companies and products. It will serve as a place to expose companies and individuals who make false claims about American content through fraudulent labeling and claims.

In addition to making it easy to find U.S.-made products of superior quality and with excellent pricing, which is no easy task in most stores today, goods in American Made Stores are graded and sorted by the percentage of American content and a manufacturers’ certification standard ensures against false claims. Through customer feedback, testimonials and ratings systems, American Made Stores can provide you with up-to-date consumer reports on American-made goods.

“Do you want to put your money where your patriotism is?” asks Janis Reed, another principal of American Made Stores. “Now you have a chance. We think it’s good to discriminate by buying American.”

New and bigger name American companies are partnering with American Made Stores every day, bringing shoppers more and more choices that not only save consumers money, but recycle dollars in the American economy.

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