Wow, Bill Press!

Who is Bill Press anyway? Why is he cheerleading “gay rights” on WND?

“Gay” still means “merry” first and “lively” second, according to, with “homosexual” coming in as the fourth definition.

I think I know why the “gay rights” cheerleaders avoid saying “homosexual” even though that’s what they really mean. “Homosexual” is too graphic a word, isn’t it, with that word “sex” included right there for everyone to see?

After all, sexual behavior is the essence and the point of it all. It’s not just about two photogenic guys holding hands for a photo op, but rather it’s about how they’re planning to celebrate later that night. And what they will do then is unnatural – no matter how many left-wing, social-engineering types say otherwise.

Gee whiz, Joseph, reading all that Bill Press “gay” cheerleading made me wonder if I was on the wrong website.

Joseph Doaks

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