WND reporter and WABC weekend radio host Aaron Klein is quickly becoming somewhat of a media sensation – in Israel.

Klein is an American citizen who broadcasts his highly-rated Sunday night show to the New York airwaves from 5,600 miles away on the beaches of Tel Aviv. He has written five books, including two New York Times bestsellers, and thousands of WND articles from his base in Israel.

The most recent in a slew of major Israeli news media profiles of Klein was released yesterday. The monthly magazine of Globes, the country’s top financial newspaper, featured a four-page spread with an extensive interview with the reporter and radio host.

An abridged version appeared on the newspaper’s website.

“If most people listened to my radio show, Obama never would have been elected” was the sensationalistic title of the Globes magazine profile.

The piece describes how Klein’s show differs from other major talk radio programs in that it fuses talk radio with independent investigative journalism.

Reads the article: “For about 80 minutes net, Klein speaks passionately, barely stopping to take a breather, rapidly explaining, for example, the convoluted relationship between the Benghazi attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing and the civil war in Syria. ‘How do you feel that your President is arming al-Qaida? Contact me now!’ he urges his listeners.”

Klein told Globes he wakes up at about noon Jerusalem time so that he will not be too tired for his live Sunday radio show, which starts at 7 p.m. Eastern, 2 a.m. in Israel.

“Imagine you get up in the morning, and your work begins only 12 or 14 hours later,” stated Klein.

The profile was not entirely glowing, however. Reporter Eyal Yitzhar criticized Klein for elements of the show the writer views as self-aggrandizing.

Writes Yitzhar: “Klein showers himself with compliments on the air. ‘You will only hear it here,’ he emphasizes again and again. ‘I am way ahead of the rest of the news media.’ ‘My show is number one, as always, from all the programs currently streaming right now [according to TalkStreamLive data.’ ‘Everything that I uncovered to date was correct,’ he reminds his listeners.

The Globes piece was the latest profile of Klein featured in the Israeli media.

In March, the country’s second largest daily, Israel Hayom, featured a profile of Klein, including a behind-the-scenes look at his radio show as well as information about his most recent book, “Fool Me Twice,” exposing Obama’s specific second-term plans.

Klein recently also appeared on Walla, Israel’s most highly trafficked website, as well as in Ynetnews, the country’s No. 1 news website. He has fielded requests from the country’s television channels and radio stations.

The popular Israeli newspaper Maariv featured a full-page spread on Klein, an article that was referenced on the newspaper’s front page.

Last year, Klein landed the cover of the magazine of the Jerusalem Post, which profiled him as a “one-man media powerhouse.”

Klein told the paper why he thinks covering the U.S. while living in Tel Aviv is advantageous.

“I have a major advantage being in Israel,” Klein told the Post. “For example when a child is raised in a dysfunctional household, sometimes he doesn’t realize the reality of the situation until he leaves and takes a look at things from the outside. Being here in Israel I have the advantage of exploring U.S. politics with a proper perspective, where I can see things far more clearly.”

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