An abortionist who missed the decapitated head of an unborn child and left it inside the mother during a procedure has stated that all of the required rules and regulations were followed.

The stunning defense was confirmed by Attorney General Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia, who has asked abortion clinics to assess the adequacy of oversight of their businesses.

Morrisey got responses from both the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia, and Kanawha Surgicenter.

“The one-page letter from Women’s Health Center of West Virginia declined to answer a number of questions citing pending litigation, but the author did say the clinic follows all laws and regulations currently on the books,” Morrisey confirmed.

“We are grateful that the attorney general continues to be concerned about the safety of women, which is clearly more important than abortionists’ bottom-line profits. It is shocking to see that Women’s Health Center of West Virginia believes that what it did to Itai Gravely could possibly be called ‘quality medical care services’ in light of the serious allegations against it,” said Jeremiah Dys, the president of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

He’s also an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

“Whatever ‘regulations’ it thinks are ‘currently on the books’ – and we believe there are none – Dr. Stephens and Women’s Health Center of West Virginia exposed Itai to extraordinary suffering and placed her life in danger. We continue to urge the governor to end his silence on this issue and join with the attorney general in leading this state’s implementation of sensible abortion regulations.”

The ADF earlier brought a lawsuit against the Women’s Health Center and its abortion, Rodney Lee Stephens, of Charleston.

The woman, Gravely, alleges Stephens forced her to proceed with an abortion against her will, and then left the baby’s head in her womb.

Dys said such actions were “beyond the pale.”

The case, Gravely v. Stephens, filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court, alleges that 26-year-old Gravely changed her mind before the abortion process began when Women’s Health Center could not provide her with adequate anesthesia. Ignoring her pain and instructions to not begin the abortion procedure, Stephens directed employees to physically restrain Gravely and proceeded with the abortion, it explains.

“Shortly thereafter, Stephens announced that he was finished with the abortion and sent Gravely home. The next day, Gravely ended up in the emergency room of a local hospital, where she learned that the abortionist had left parts of the unborn child – including the baby’s head – in her womb,” the ADF said.

The ADF said statements provided by a consulting medical expert who examined Gravely’s complaint and medical records, both Stephens and Women’s Health Center were negligent. The expert concluded that Stephens violated standards of care “by failing to account for the fetal skull following Ms. Gravely’s surgical abortion…. [F]etal parts…, if retained, could lead to serious injury or even death.”

“Abortionists must be held accountable for such horrors,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton, co-counsel and a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Colorado. Norton co-authored an Alliance Defending Freedom report to the U.S. House of Representatives on the potentially fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars by Planned Parenthood. “Our tax dollars should not fund abortionists who are irresponsible and only promote their own self-interest and bottom line.”

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