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'Courageous action' needed to save U.K. health care system

(London Telegraph) The NHS will not last another decade unless officials take “courageous action” to transform the service, a report has warned.

In the study, to mark the 65th anniversary of the health service, senior managers call for a “radical shift” in the way care is delivered to ensure it can cope with unprecedented demand and financial pressures.

In a forward to the report, Mike Farrar, head of the NHS Confederation, which represents health service managers, said: “Sixty-five years from its foundation, the NHS remains a great source of national pride. But the service today is under significant financial and demand pressures that, as this report explores, only look set to increase.

“The result is a decade ahead that will see the NHS facing challenges greater than any it has had to deal with in its lifetime – challenges that demand a radical shift in the way we think about health and how we deliver care.”